Management Agency, NBMA,
has stressed the need for healthy
environment, saying that the
safety of human health and that
of the environment cannot be
compromised by the Agency
irrespective of any scientific
technology involved.
The Director General of
NBMA, Mr. Rufus Ebegba gave
this hint recently in Abuja while
fielding questions Journalists on
the link between Biosafety and
Ebegba told Journalists there
is the need for Nigerians to
clearly know the major task
of the agency, noting that
NBMA was not promoting the
use of Genetically Modified
Organisms, GMOs.
He maintained that it was
not the business of the Agency
to promote the use of GMOs
but to ensure the safety of its
application, saying that the
science of Biosafety was to
meet the challenge to be the
boundary of the old and the new
technology, the place where
skills requires wisdom on top
The Director General said, “
It is not the role of the Agency
to either oppose or promote the
use of biotechnology since the
federal government has already
adopted the use of the new
technology in the country like
several countries of the world
as far back as 2001 and the
same government in its wisdom
established the National
Biosafety Management Agency
to amongst other things assess
the risks in terms of the likelihood
of occurrence of hazards and
severity of the consequences of
the technology.”
Ebegba said that the risk
assessment was performed to
protect human health and the
environment from any adverse
effect in the practice of modern
biotechnology and use of
genetically modified organisms.
He also said that the Act
that established the Agency
prescribes a five years jail term
or N2.5 million fine or both for