The Nigerian Pilgrims Commission, NCPC,is presently being run like a private estate, investigations has shown.

According to a source close to the commission, told the Nigerian Pilot on Saturday that the new Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Pilgrims Commission, NCPC, Reverend Tor Uja has thrown laid down official procedures into the wind and now run the commission like his private estate, against earlier press statement un assumption of office in May  this year, he had pledged to improve the commission than he met it, saying  “Anywhere you (his predecessor) stop, we will make it better.’’

Checks revealed that the aforementioned was only a puritanistic posturing by Executive Secretary to win the minds of workers upon his arrival at the commission. And, as time went he introduced acts that many see as laying the ground work for corruption.

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A recent internal memo that emanated from the commission’s Head Finance and Accounts under the heading Executive Secretary read thus:  ‘‘Your Excellency … kindly refer to your verbal directive that passage be prepared for the officers who will be accompanying Your Excellency on a special trip to Makurdi, Benue State to meet with the General Overseer of Deeper Life Bibble Church, Pastor F. W. Kumuyi on Friday 24th June 2016.

‘‘The Executive Secretary is respectively invited to kindly consider and approve the sum of four hundred and ten naira (N410,000.00) only being the DTA as well as cost of fuelling for the trip to Makurdi Benue State.”

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The sum also covered allowances for his Special Assistant whom by rule is not entitled to because he was sourced from outside the civil service.

Further findings also revealed that Reverend Uja was well aware that Pastor Kumuyi will be in Abuja from Makurdi the following day, but the NCPC boss insisted on embarking on the trip thereby giving credence to suspicions that he often uses frivolous journeys to misappropriate funds.
Nigerian Pilot gathered that the ‘‘proper dedication’’ of the commission’s was also another drain pipe to embezzle funds.

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Under the watch of Reverend Uja 24 pilgrims recently absconded, thus reversing the feat of zero defection by the NCPC.
The Executive Secretary’s penchant for using vulgar language on staff such as calling Directors quack is steering anger which inside sources say is capable of causing revolt in the NCPC.

Meanwhile, two directors in the commission are currently still in shock over queries issued to them by the Executive Secretary over what insiders described as “no just cause but mere dictatorship”.