National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, Kaduna and Niger States Commands have confirmed the arrest of about 323 suspected drug traffickers and seized over 15million tons of exhibits.
While Kaduna command arrested 120 suspects, Niger apprehended 203 suspects in the last six months.
The State Commander of the Agency, Samuel Azige disclosed this during the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking organised by Nigas Rehabilitation and Skill Acquisition Training Center in Kaduna.
Mr. Azige also said the agency has convicted twenty-five suspects, counselled and rehabilitated sixty-eight people.
He disclosed that from January to date, in collaboration with other agencies, traditional and religious leaders, communities and organisations, the menace of drug abuse and distribution has drastically reduced.
The Commander opined that the agency cannot fight the menace alone and stressed the need for all and sundry to join hands in the fight against drugs, while commending the state government for providing the agency with all the necessary support towards fighting drug abuse.
Also in his address, the State Co-Ordinator, National Taskforce to Combat Illegal Importation and Smuggling of Small Arms, Light Weapon, Ammunition and other Related Materials, Mr. Collins Ogbonna, advocates that without the seriousness of Agencies, organisations, civil societies and other relevant authorities to teach and educate the populace on the danger associated with illicit trafficking and drugs abuse, the society will not be free of crimes.
He enjoined all to take into account the negative effects of organised crime on society particularly, on the sustainable development and to alleviate the factor that make people vulnerable to drug trafficking such as poverty, under-developed and lack of equal opportunity.
Mr. Ogbonna also advised that all hands must be on deck to ensure that the education of our children about drug abuse, drug trafficking and its negative consequence starts from our immediate families, schools and religion centres.
He therefore reminded the media for their vital role in this regard by ensuring that appropriate information concerning the negative effects of drug abuse is always in the public domain.
Also speaking, the Comptroller Administration in charge of Zone B, Abdullahi Zilkifil Argungu said, the Nigerian Custom is doing all it can to ensure that it curtails importation of illicit and expired drug into the country.
“Custom had been doing this before the establishment of NDLEA and we are doing this in collaboration with relevant agencies who will examine goods that came through our Airports and boarders,” Argungu said.
Pastor Yohanna Buru in his remarks said “we as religious leaders have been playing our role, both in Churches and Mosques to preach to followers against the dangers of drug abuse and pointed out that both the two religions warned against the menace.
NDLEA in Niger disclosed that in the last six months, it has arrested 203 suspects with a total 2,770.451kg of various drugs.
The Niger State Commandant, Joseph Iweajunwa said as part of activities to mark the United Nations Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking in Minna, that the increase in trafficking in prescription drugs could be connected to the massive production by pharmaceutical companies who are cashing in on the growing demands for the drugs which clearly are not for medical purposes.
According to him “there is no doubt that the efforts of the NDLEA in arresting the problem of cannabis sativa have given some positive results as the availability of cannabis on our streets has been greatly reduced to the extent that the criminals are now importing them from other countries like Ghana and Benin Republic.
“This year is not different, for the first half of this year which is between January and June, the Niger State Command has been able to make a total seizure of 2,770.451kg of various drugs and we have arrested a total of 203 suspects.
“There is also a seizure of 1,520.1 litres of cough syrups with codeine and two litres of chloroform. A major deviation is the size of tramadol compared to that of cannabis sativa, the psychotropic substance or prescription drugs have become the major drugs of abuse including cough syrup with codeine.”
While soliciting for more support from the government, Iweajunwa lamented that the State Command is handicapped and grossly under-funded as it cannot carry out its statutory responsibilities.
He further disclosed that the command has in the area of Counselling and Rehabilitation, performed well with 14 clients from January till date.

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