MEDICAL Director, National Ear Care Centre, NECC, Dr. Aminu Bakari, said research has shown that pus coming out from the ear can kill a child. Bakari, who made the reveletion in an interview in Kano, said pus is capable of killing a child because the ear is connected with the brain. “Our research has shown that in most communities in Nigeria, people don’t even consider the discharge (pus) coming from the ear as a disease and “we know
scientifically that it is capable of killing a child”. According to him, research conducted by the centre showed that traditional (belu-belu), uvulectomy practised in many communities is unjust. Also research into nose bleeding and its treatment have been published in many papers. He said the centre has triple core mandates which include the treatment of patients with Ear, Nose and Throat, ENT, diseases, trained manpower in the field of ENT specialists and conduct research.
“We see all kinds of patients with ENT diseases and that is what constitutes otorhionlaryngology, that is an ENT specialist. He said the centre receives people with cases ranging from deafness, infection and cancer, adding that the area of ENT is highly specialised, different from all speciality of medicine and attracts longer training. “In this area, the structures are hidden and we need enough instruments like microscope and endoscope in order to make good diagnoses and treat our patients. Again the anatomy of the ear is
more complex than other parts if the body, i.e why we have few ENT surgeons in the country, less than 200 till date,” he said. Bakari said the centre provides training services to doctors that are already qualified and have finished their youth service. They take them as resident doctors and train them to be specialists/ consultants in the field of ENT. “We have full accreditation from the West African College of Surgeon and National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria to train doctors in this field.