National Examinations Council, NECO yesterday released the results of the 2015 November/December Senior School Certificate Examination.
Announcing the results at the Council’s Headquarters in Minna, the Registrar/Chief Executive, Professor Abdulrashid Garba, disclosed that a total of 50,060 candidates registered, out of which 47,507 sat for English Language while 47,554 sat for Mathematics.
The performance of candidates by subject revealed that, out of 47,507 that sat for English Language, 29,718 representing 62.55% obtained credit pass. In Mathematics, 47,554 sat for the subject and 32,484 or 68.30% passed at credit level.
Out of 39,389 candidates that sat for Biology, 17,227 or 43.73% obtained credit pass, while in Chemistry, out of 22,284 candidates that sat for the examination, 11,951 representing 53.63% made it at credit level.
Similarly, out of 22,201 candidates who sat for Physics, 818 or 3.68% passed the subject at credit level. In Geography, 19, 781 candidates sat for the examination, and 3,851 or 19.46% passed at credit level.
The performance of candidates in Government indicates that out of 23,497 candidates that wrote the subject, 10,226 or 43.52% made it at credit level.
In Economics, 39,406 candidates sat for the examination and 23,991 or 60.88% passed the subject at credit level.
The Registrar explained that “in view of the fact that the examination was for private candidates who were no longer in the school system and looking for one or two credits, the desperation to engage in malpractice was high. This led to an increase in the percentage of candidates involved in malpractice, compared to the figure for 2014”.
Professor Garba said the Council is however devising more ingenious ways to help in curbing the malpractice level, just as the candidates are coming up with new methods.
A comparative analysis of malpractice cases by subject revealed that while 635 cases were recorded in English Language in 2014, 1,075 cases were recorded in 2015.
Also, in Mathematics, 634 cases of malpractice were in 2014 while 1,799 were recorded in 2015.
The analysis also showed that in Economics, 570 cases of malpractice were recorded while 880 were recorded in 2015.
In Government, 363 cases were recorded in 2014 while 564 were recorded in 2015.
Also, in Physics 316 cases of malpractice were recorded in 2014 while 613 were recorded in 2015.
In Chemistry, 285 cases were recorded in 2014 while 539 were recorded.

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