MEDICINE, Law as a course of study and profession will continue to be most preferred career to recommend to any inspiring, knowledgeable and willing lad; not because they are the highest paid job, but because time immemorial, the roles and responsibilities of these professionals are non-mundane and selfless; as such any attack to any of these men is an attack on God. As a matter of fact, the societal value and respect accorded these men is second to none; that is why they compete neck to neck with even the Priests and the Imams. In Nigeria today, these Rights and Privileges have since been lost for the simple reasons that they all enmesh themselves in the mundane and yet expect the treatment for an angel. Few days ago, to mark the beginning of a new legal year, the Chief Justice of the Federation, Hon Justice Mahmud Muhammed had lamented on the public stance against the Judiciary, and made a case for the men in the Wigs and Gowns and the Silk alike; these men are either in the Bar or on the Bench; but regrettably, the wind of Change begins with me does not condone for the misapplication of principle of separation of powers. As a matter of fact, it is the principle of separation of powers that invokes the spirit of checks and balances; what this portend is that while the constitution empowers every arm of government to exercise its duties and responsibilities, it also embed in it, an inherence to xray the activities of each other with a view to deploying its powers to check one and others excesses. Nigerians must commend the disposition of the Executive and Legislative arms for their amenability to criticism and checks; this is unlike the Judiciary whose disposition over the years is for that of know it all. It is no news that over the years, the Judiciary has had a good share of the doctrine of separation of power. It is on record that the Judiciary in the exercise of it powers to adjudicate, the fate of many Executive and Legislative positions have been determined by the judiciary whether justly or unjustly without ado from any of the other two arms; it is no issue in today’s Nigeria to read that the legislatures have not cleared a list of appointees sent to it by the executive or the executive had declined to assent to a proposal sent to it by the legislatures as a way of checkmating the excesses of legislature. As a matter of urgency, it is high time that the other arms rise up to the occasion and check the excesses of the Judiciary who over the years arrogate to themselves the powers of “God”. It is no strange talk to hear persons say “after here, the next is God”. Without any iota of regret or remorse, the biggest headache of the Nigerian state is the Judiciary; for the simple reason that they have been left over the years to rot away without beaming a search light on their activities; year in year out all Nigerians are greeted with is a lengthy speech of promises on one side and denial on the other side; the truth of the matter is that, the Executive, litigants

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