Surely, anything that has a beginning has a definite end. Just yesterday, the 2015 was swept into past eternity and today, a new journey into uncertain future, a new year and life begins.
Usually, New Year comes with reflections. While many look back at the year that just went by considering what and where they failed, crashed expectations, disappointments, tears and sorrows, others relish towering accomplishments, bundles of tearful blessings and results. Both this category of persons have the unpredictable future the year 2016 will throw up to confront.
Of course, people react differently to this epochal development of time an history. How will they cope with what 2016 will bring? How will those who failed last year sit up to face the new journey and challenges of 2016 that began today?
Speaking to our correspondent, Madam Agnes, a resident of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, said that the most important thing is life without which everything other thing is useless.
“Many people may not be happy over their failures in the year 2015, but that is not the end of life; anybody who successfully enters 2016 should be happy and thankful to God. It is an indication that God has given us another opportunity to try again. It is another opportunity to live again, to smile again, to recover all that we probably lost in 2015”, she said.
Mr. Abdullahi Musa, a taylor in Garki, agreed with Madam Agnes. “I hear people complain so much about lack of money to celebrate the Yuletide. Others keep abusing government, individuals and the management of where they work for lack of salary and so on. Yes, those things border on human rights but there are many things we take for granted. I mean good health, food, safety, deliverance from accident, life, good neighbours, friends, colleagues, and so on.
“We do not necessarily need to buy these things; God gave them to us freely. Or do you think otherwise? Think of your children, your parents, the house you live and those good neighbours of yours. To me, these means so much and I think we should all be grateful to God”, he said.
Engineer Ado Isiaku was very philosophical in his response. According to him, “many people don’t realize that life is a journey. As long as you have air passing through your nostrils, the journey is in motion with each breath that goes in and comes out. Life is precious and should thus be taken with all seriousness. Whether as individuals or a s a nation, there is a need to take history serious. The ultimate benchmark for our worth in life is the result we produce. So everybody owes himself or herself the responsibility to produce the result commensurable to his or her worth.
“This is both for the individuals and the nation at large. We should resolve to do positive result-oriented endeavors in the year 2016. We should discard what we did in the year 2015 or previous years that did not yield anything positive”, he said.
It is equally interesting to note that at the national level, Nigerians have continued to express their expectations of the federal government of President Muhammadu Buhari. According to Information Nigeria online publication, “a lot of Nigerians are hopeful for the New Year (2016) for so many reasons especially because it would be a new beginning for new possibilities…
“Stable power: Every well meaning Nigerian want Nigeria to develop and this can not happen with the frequent interruption in power we are currently experiencing, hence the hope for stable electricity supply to speed up our development as a nation. Fuel: Nigerians are tired of the long queues at petrol stations, hence hope that the government does something to remedy the scarcity situation in the country.
“Job creation: To state that many Nigerians are unemployed is to state the obvious. As Nigerians welcome the new year. they are hoping for a year where this unemployment menace is totally eradicated. Corrupt officials punished: It is not uncommon in Nigeria to see the arrest of alleged corrupt officials only to see them released the next couple of days. It will make a lot of Nigerians feel good to know that corrupt officials are brought to book in 2016. Strong economy: The economic situation in Nigeria is definitely at its lowest and ordinary Nigerians are at the receiving end. Therefore a strong economy is something that most Nigerians hope for in 2016”, the report stated.
A number of persons made resolutions on their lifestyle with a view to living better than they lived in 2015. For example, a respondent who identified herself as Miss Jennifer said that she is going to do three major things this year in order to break away from her old habit.
Sh said she is going to be closer to God in 2016 than she was in 2015. “I wan to be closer to God because I feel kind of empty. There is a hunger inside of me that nothing else has been able to satisfy – money, material things and other stuffs. Two, I’m going to be close to my parents. I’ve not been so close to them as I used to because of my work. Th truth is that I miss them. They are in Delta State. The third one is that I’m going to catch fun in 2016. Before you misunderstand me, I mean going to the cinema o. My social life has been dry and boring, you know”, she said.
A cleric, Malam Iliya Ibrahim, told our correspondent that Nigerians should be more positive about the country in 2016. “A number of Nigerians don’t love this country, both leaders and followers. Yo will understand me better if you see closely the way behavioral patterns of our people. Many people are not patriotic to this country. If they are the country would have been better than what it is today.
“The present government has been talking about change. That is good. But would like to say that change should first of all begin from individuals. Nigerians need to change in their attitude first before they can b any meaningful change in the Socio-economic and political systems. We cannot continue to shout change of transformation in our mouths but are hypocrites in our hearts. Our leaders must change from their evil ways such as corruption.
“The youths should shun criminal activities and immoralities. Either as Muslims or Christians, we all should continue to pray for the well being of Nigeria, Nigerians and our leaders for God to guide them in all their ways. Let us support government policies and programmes. Politicians should have the fear of God in managing public thrust because one day, they will give account of their stewardship before God one day”, the cleric said ending Hs remark by with a prayer for Nigeria in the New Year.

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