Former Super Eagles defence ace, Emeka Ezeugo, has been speaking on the leadership crisis that has rocked Nigerian football, describing the present crop of footballers in the country and those he calls ‘’conscious lover of the game’’ as endangered species.
Ezeugo who led thousands of placard-carrying youths to Transcorp during the recent visit of FIFA president, Infantino said a certain “cartel that runs football made sure they left no stone unturned in their pursuit of ensuring that the people’s game stayed an orphan.
‘’Our rogue Football Administrators, the honchos of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) today are no respecters of the game that puts food on their table, turns them to globe trotters, changes their once wretched lives and leaves them obese with enormously protruded stomach.
‘’The cabal at Federal and State levels dangerously operates like Colombian Drug Cartel. They have purchased all stakeholders of football namely sports media operatives, retired players, referees, coaches, supporters club, and some sentimentally deluded fans. While players are afraid to talk for fear of being kicked out and no source of daily meal, coaches are paid to shut up, work under any condition even when their wages are not being, and accept everything, media people are being paid to be praise singers, pretend that all is well with Nigerian Football, abdicate their arbiter position and the referees are paid to influence matches, award penalties in favour of the highest bidder.
‘’True custodians of the game doesn’t exist in Nigeria. The retired players and some ex-internationals are carried along to lend credence, add value and legitimize the illegal operations of the cartel for a negligible amount.
‘’There are no watchdogs of the people’s game and the lovers of the game. No one is at the center of accurate and balanced dissemination of information. Next meal matters more than the beautiful game. No stakeholder promotes peace, unity and safety. No one remembers development and advancement of the global game. The funniest part is that no one is concerned. No stakeholder acts like he/they have any stake in the global game. The game is an orphan with no relative alive. Nigerian football has no custodian but rapists, paedophile-like nannies, plunderers or brutal soldiers of fortune.
“Nigeria’s current players and fans are endangered by the pursuits of the cartel that runs football and they’re about to penetrate the territories of the other stakeholders. Our football needs ennobling and safe environment to thrive. Those who shape fans’ opinions, perception, patriotism, attitude and the creation of public awareness on issues of national importance are deviously corrupt. The cartel that runs games on Nigerians are committed to keeping it all deceitful and living the lies that has been their trademark. They’re not making the beautiful game a more beautiful game anymore. We’re not churning out quality players like we used to”.

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