THE code of conduct for
players and officials of the
various National Teams
will soon come into force,
so says the Nigeria Football
Speaking from Belgium
on Sunday, NFF President
Amaju Pinnick assured that
the document was ready
and would be implemented
soonest to guide the conduct
of players, officials and coaches
and minimize areas of conflict
and tension in the national
“A small group had been
working on the document and
I am happy to say that it is now
ready for implementation.
This will spell out how players
and officials must conduct
themselves while in any
of the national camps, and
minimize the probability of
misunderstanding between
coaches and players.
“The recent happening in
the camp of the Super Eagles
in Belgium was unwarranted
but I am happy we have been
able to put that behind us.
Both Coach Sunday Oliseh and
player Vincent Enyeama even
spoke cordially on Saturday
during Enyeama’s meeting
with the NFF leadership.”
At the meeting, Pinnick, in
company with NFF 1st Vice
President Seyi Akinwunmi
and 2nd Vice President Shehu
Dikko, told Enyeama in clear
terms that the country is bigger
than any individual, and that
even if he was determined
to quit international football,
he did not have to do so in a
situation of acrimony.
“I told him that he did so
well for Nigeria over the past
Head Coach now and in charge
of the team. We will continue to
respect his contract; our role as a
Federation is advisory.”
Pinnick insisted that
with regards to the recent
misunderstanding, there is no
victor and no vanquished. But he
hinted that the code of conduct is
certain to restrict the use of social
media by players to air situation
in the national camp.
“No player launches his career
through the social media. When
players are at their clubs, they
don’t broadcast camp situation
on twitter, facebook or instagram.
The same restraint and discipline
must be observed in the national
thirteen-and-half years that he
had been there, and by all means,
is deserving of a honourable exit.
Whatever the situation, whether
he decides to return to the team
or not, the NFF will organize a
worthy testimonial match in his
honour because he served the
nation so well.
“However, the Head Coach is
in full charge of the team and the
camp at all times, and that fact
must be respected. The NFF will
support and respect the decision
of the Head Coach of any of
the National Teams at all times.
Both Oliseh and Enyeama are
true heroes of Nigeria football, if
you look at what they achieved
at different times. But Oliseh is

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