A Non Governmental Organisation, PACT Nigeria, has commended the American University of Nigerian, AUN, for its quality of work in public health research information and dissemination centre.
Country Director of PACT Nigeria, Dr Audu Liman gave the commendation at a two day seminar on research evaluation on primary health care in Adamawa State.
Speaking further, Liman said that the purpose of the seminar was to share preliminary findings, adding that a similar research which started last year in Bayelsa State would be conducted in 10 other states across Nigeria.
Liman described AUN as an ideal global institution known for quality research information and dissemination.
He said, “Adamawa State in particular is very fortunate to have a unique institution that has been graded as having one of the best digital libraries in Africa. We should use that resource.
“We no longer have to rely on the research at Oxford University, or research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, to carry out our work because the human resource, technical capacities and lecturers are all here in Nigeria.
“The sole aim is to begin to do data-driven interventions. The best intervention is that which is driven by what the people need.”
Liman urged NGOs to consider AUN when choosing a University for such research seminars.
The healthcare evaluation research seminar was a joint project of the Adamawa State Primary Health Care Development Agency, ASPHCDA and PACT, Nigeria.
PACT Nigeria, through its public health initiatives, works to empower the local poor through better healthcare. This seminar was to evaluate PACT’s just-concluded research on healthcare delivery in Adamawa. The research goal was to provide empirical evidence to identify bottlenecks to health services supply, demand, and use in the state.
Dr. Liman said the report will be available in four weeks for launching. There will also be a journal publication. “We are committed to continuing to support the research by making it available globally.
Dr. Bisayo Odetoyinbo kicked off discussions in the seminar with, “Assessment of Health Services Provision in Adamawa State,” while Professor Ogoh Alubo and Dr. Anande Hunduh facilitated the second-day session on “The Political Economy Analysis of Health Systems Funding in Adamawa State.”

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