A Non Governmental Organisation, NGO, Wellbeing Foundation Africa, through its project, the #MaternalMonday Campaign, has decried the prevalence of obstetric fistula disease in Nigeria and several developing countries.
The #MaternalMonday Campaign said obstetric fistula and other practices such as female genital mutilation, early child marriage, gender violence and weak health systems contribute to preventable deadly diseases which cause health implications and social challenges, leading to other challenges like shame and discrimination of victims in the society.
According to a statement by the NGO, Nigeria accounts for over 40 percent of the two million women in developing countries plagued with obstetric fistula, adding that there is an urgent need to address the health issue as a key to achieving Millennium Development Goal 5, which harps on improving maternal health in Nigeria and across the world.
The NGO said the best solutions to these health challenges include increased access to family planning, more health care providers trained in counseling obstetric fistula patients and others at risk of related diseases.
Founder of the NGO, Mr. Toyin Saraki said #MaternalMonday was a popular weekly information campaign that seeks to empower midwives, mothers and their newborns through demand creation for birth-preparedness, reducing the scourge of preventable maternal newborn and child mortality in the country.

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