Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO, Wellbeing Foundation Africa, has launched a health based programme tagged ‘MamaCare Antenatal Education Programme’ at the Ikeja Military Cantonment, Lagos State, even as over 30 women received lectures on reproductive health education.
According to a statement sent to Nigerian Pilot, recently, the programme educates pregnant women on birthing processes, prenatal nutrition and attending to the needs of an infant.
The class of pregnant women in their first, second and third trimesters were taught the symptoms, risks, treatments and preventive measures in anemia in pregnancy.
Ikeja Military Cantonment is the most recent health provider to initiate the fortnightly MamaCare Antenatal Education classes which has been established at Medicross Hospital and St Rapheal Hospital in Lagos, as well as in Kwara State Specialist Hospital, Ilorin.
MamaCare was designed and implemented in alignment with global standards of health by Wellbeing Founder, Mrs Toyin Saraki.
‘’Education is the strongest safeguard for expectant mothers and children, these programmes empower women to make informed decisions in the interest of both herself and her child.’’
During an interactive session, mothers asked questions on prenatal nutrition, identification and treatment of minor disorders in pregnancy and the necessity of regular medical examinations.
The programme will soon be extended to Abuja and eventually across West Africa.