NHIS: NLC blackmailing Buhari’s administration - CSOs — Nigerian Pilot News
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NHIS: NLC blackmailing Buhari’s administration – CSOs



NHIS: NLC blackmailing Buhari’s administration - CSOs

…Tells Labour to submit audited accounts of 4years

Pro-democracy and Civil Society Groups on Wednesday accused the leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, of blackmailing the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari over the chairmanship of the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund, NHIS.

The Activists who staged a counter protest in Abuja against the Comrade Ayuba Waba-led NLC also demanded that the labour leaders should submit their four years audited account to Ministry of Labour for administrative scrutiny rather grandstanding and blackmailing the Buhari administration.

The procession was organized to counter a similar one organized by NLC in Abuja laced with campaign of calumny being waged against the Federal Government over the rejection of Chief Frank Kokori to serve as the board Chairman of NSITF by the Federal Government.

During a procession near the Ministry of Labour organized by United Nigerians Forum, Coalition for Democracy and Rule of Law and Movement for the Emancipation of Good Governance, one of the leader of the pro-democracy groups, Comrade Adams Jones, lampooned the NLC leaders and reminded them that they must come to equity with clean hands by submitting their audited account as required by law.

“The threat to seal off the Ministry of Labour among sundry empty hulabaloo by the NLC leadership is unacceptable and a deliberate game plan to shut down the business of governance just to satisfy their unquenchable appetite to grab juicy and plum public office.”

Comrade Jones stated that the procession was organized to neutralize the “diversionary one initiated by the NLC leadership just to cover up the past atrocities committed by some former NLC leaders.”

Also speaking, Scribe of the United Nigerians Forum, Comrade Wale Adegoke accused the NLC leadership of nursing a hidden agenda by trying to impose one man as the board Chairman of NSITF when there are many credible Nigerians with higher capacity to deliver.

They vowed never to allow NLC leaders and their friends to turn NSITF as their ATM machine. “This whole cloak and dagger is about the desperation of some people to impose one man as the main man just to rustle funds from the organization. “Why are they trying to convert NSITF as their new found cash machine?

“The truth is that we are highly piqued that the NLC that Buhari administration bend backward and accommodated their demand for minimum wage are very people trying to blackmail the government because of selfish agenda.” The activists further declared that the NLC leaders are playing a dangerous game for the parochial personal gains.

“Why are they trying to set agenda by dictating to the government someone to head a government agency and the implication is that the person is being smuggled to implement the script of those that facilitated his appointment to the detriment of the larger interest of the country.

“We are not going to fold our arms to allow selfish few to suffocate the Minister of Labour for being courageous and sense of propriety regarding matter. We shall mobilize patriotic citizens to reject the self serving agenda of the NLC leadership and shall follow them to their door steps. Instead of Ayuba to reconcile with ULC and groups that broke away under his ineffective leadership he is chasing shadows and selfish ventures.”

Some of inscriptions written on the placard displayed by the protesters include “Go and submit your audited accounts of 4years!!; NLC leave Buhari government and Ngige alone!!; Kokori go back to Koko; NSITF Is not your birth rights!!; NSITF not an extension or side kick of NLC!!

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