The National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, has said that it is taking its sensitisation and awareness campaign to rural areas in order to enlighten more Nigerians on their fundamental rights.
The coordinator of the commission in Kaduna State, Mr. Chris Eneji who made this known to newsmen in Kaduna at the weekend, said significant number of Nigerians were not aware of their rights and how or where to seek redress when violated, hence the need for the sensitisation campaign.
According to him, “The campaign became necessary to enlighten the public on their rights and how to seek redress when their rights are violated.
“People’s rights are being violated on daily bases, but only a few know how to seek redress. This explained why only few cases are reported while majority remained unreported and unknown.
“They need to know what their rights are and how to seek redress when such rights are violated. When you know your rights, you know your limitations. People need to know that their rights stop where another person’s right begins. That will create an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence and ensure harmonious relationship among Nigerian people,” he said.
The coordinator said that the campaign which had already commenced would be carried out through the electronic and print media, as well as churches and mosques.
He said that the commission had also started distributing leaflets to every part of the state.
Eneji commended the media for partnering with the commission in its efforts to ensure that Nigerians know their rights.
It would be recalled that NHRC executive secretary, Prof Bem Angwe had in November 2015 said that the commission’s target was to ensure that 80 percent of Nigerians were aware of their fundamental rights.