The search for her supposed killer is still on as latest reports has it that Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, injected her with a dangerous cocktail that led to her death.
Attorneys for Brown’s estate claim that the couple had “a violent altercation” after which Gordon “injected her with a toxic mixture” and then left her unconscious in a bathtub of cold water, according to court documents obtained by WSB-TV in Atlanta.
Brown’s family had accused Gordon of foul play in a wrongful death suit but this is the first mention of a “toxic cocktail.”
The lawyers further claimed that Gordon changed his clothes after their quarrel to cover up the incident and received $40,000 for posing at Brown’s gravesite.
The documents were filed in response to Gordon requesting a judge to stop legal proceedings in the civil lawsuit.
“He has no problem giving an interview to Dr. Phil but asks this court to relieve him of his legal responsibility,” the attorneys wrote, referring to an appearance by Gordon on the talk show in March.
Brown was discovered face down in a bathtub on January 21 in her Atlanta townhouse. She never regained consciousness and finally passed away on July 26 in a hospice.
Her family always believed that Gordon is culpable, banned him from attending the funeral and filed a wrongful death suit in August.

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