NIGER Delta scholarship students
in the United Kingdom, UK, under
the federal government amnesty
programme, yesterday, called on
the Acting President, Prof. Yemi
Osinbajo, to intervene in the poor
funding of the programme.
The students representative,
Comrade Emomotimi Ziprebo Pius,
in a statement made available to
newsmen, lamented that students
from various universities in their
final year have stopped receiving
lectures and are also being evacuated
from their accommodation due to
non-payment of their tuition and
in-training allowances which have piled up to five months.

According to the statement,
“It has come to our notice how
the ministry of finance, ministry
of budgeting and planning,
accountant general and the Central
Bank of Nigeria are frustrating
the amnesty programme by not
releasing funds being approved by
President Muhammadu Buhari to
the amnesty office.
“We are making it known to the
general public the suffering that
Niger Delta students are facing in a
foreign land due to poor funding of
the amnesty programme. Students
have also been asked to return
to Nigeria from America due to
inadequate funding of the amnesty
programme. We are totally against
the abrupt termination of their
the development programmes of
the federal government. And this
has sadly been the situation for
decades. Yet, we produce the bulk
of the resources that are sustaining
the entire country and funding
multi-billion naira development
projects in other states of the
“And so, our position is
that, while we shall continue
to demand for a fair treatment
and commensurate recompense
for our contributions to the
national pool of resources, we
cannot but endeavour to put our
development destiny in our own
hands, even if it means spending
money on projects that should be
initiated, funded and maintained
by the federal government or its
“The point needs to be made
that we are taking these important
He noted that students are
yet to receive a dime even from
the little sum of money that
was released to the amnesty
office, pointing out Swansea
University (Wales), Hertfordshire
University (Hartfield), University
of Portsmouth, University
of Plymouth, University of
Birmingham and others that have
not received their money for five
months have jeopardised their
academic performance.
“We are in our final year of study
and will be graduating soon. We are
calling on the acting president and
the National Assembly to salvage
us from this precarious situation.
While we commend the efforts of the acting president in seeking
sustainable peace in the Niger Delta
through his visits to various states
in the region, we call on all youths
and ex-agitators to embrace the
move,” he added.
“We are calling on the finance
minister, minister of budgeting
and planning, accountant general
and the governor of the CBN to
stop frustrating the efforts of the
Special Adviser and Coordinator of
the Amnesty Programme, Brigadier
Gen. Paul Boroh, to achieve success.
We are asking that they stop playing
politics with the release of funds
for the programme and support
the efforts of the special adviser to
bring the needed peace in the Niger Delta and Nigeria.

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