N/Delta lawmakers insist on 65 percent oil wells

A Nigerian militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) which has claimed a wave of attacks on oil facilities in the Niger Delta, said it was ready for a ceasefire and a dialogue with the government, Reuters reports.

“We are going to continue the observation of our announced ceasefire of hostilities in the Niger Delta against … the multinational oil corporations,” the NDA said in a statement received by Reuters on Sunday. “We promise to fight more for the Niger Delta, if this opportunity fails,” it said. Like other militant groups, the Avengers has apparently split, making it difficult for the government to identify the right people to talk to.

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The group said it would support a dialogue “to engage with the federal government of Nigeria, representatives from the home countries of all multinational Oil Corporations and neutral international mediators.” The statement was sent to Reuters by mail but it was not possible to contact the group which only communicates with the media via statements on social media, its website or sent by mail.

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