Wife of the Niger State governor, Dr. Amina Abubakar Bello has lamented increase in the rate of abandoned babies across the country, stressing that abandoning a baby was among the worst crimes anyone could think of committing against humanity.
Dr. Bello, who made this known after she inspected the orphanage facility in the state, warned those in the habit of abandoning innocent babies to desist, emphasising that the act had a way of coming back to hunt those who do it in one way or the other.
While acknowledging that the economic situation in the country might not be making things easy for some people, she said nothing on earth justified throwing away babies, just as she urged parents to be patient, saying that things would improve in the coming days.
The wife of the governor also advised people who are not capable of taking care of the needs of the babies to avoid having them, as there are no laws that say that one must have children.
She further stated that there were ways to avoid getting pregnant if people were not capable of taking care of the children.
She urged sexually active Nigerians to live up to their responsibilities to ensure the reduction of abandoned babies across the country.

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