National Network coordinator, Climate Sustainable Development Network Action, Mr. Atayi Babs said Nigeria lacks leadership role in climate change action, especially in submitting her Intended National Determined Contributions, INDCs.
Babs, who recently revealed this in a three –day stakeholders’ workshop in Abuja, expressed worry over Nigeria’s delay in submission of INDCs, noting that it was appalling that other West African countries such as Kenya, Benin Republic and Cote D’avouir are submitting more concrete climate project and other mechanising before Nigeria.
“The whole world has called for climate action and Nigeria has begun to take action in climate change but we are not comfortable because, Nigeria comes first naturally in terms of position in Africa in many things. Just like in this workshop, you can see that other countries have taken over climate change but where is West Africa? And when you come to West Africa then you ask where is Nigeria?” said Babs.
He urged Nigeria to take its leadership role in climate action and ensure that solar energy becomes common practice in the country.
“Today when you talk about solar energy in west Africa, people will say go to Kenya and you will see that solar penal from Germany are working. When you want to set a bad example of solar energy they will refer you to Nigeria and when you come to Nigeria, you find out that what they are using is Chinese panel which is fake and not long lasting. You will see that Nigerians are getting disappointed with solar energy because of the fact that the government has not put their foot on ground to ensure that only standardised panels come to Nigeria.

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