Leader of Afenifere, the Yoruba socio-cultural group, Chief Reuben Fasoranti has said that what Nigeria needs is purposeful leadership since the people seem to lack direction.
According to him, there is nothing to celebrate this year because the country is in shambles, with unemployment as a major source of concern to him.
“There is nothing to celebrate this year; maybe next year there will be something to celebrate. Unemployment is on the increase; people are idle; they have no jobs.
“The people are not working because there is no work for them to do. Government should create jobs. People are just wandering about.
“Government should try and create jobs as it is done in other countries. It should take the initiative in job creation so that people can work. There is too much idleness everywhere and that is not good at all for our country. This development has turned a lot of Nigeria youths to criminals.
“However, it is too early to pass any comment on President Buhari. We should give him some time to get himself together. But so far there is no charming news at all.
“The president should brace up; people in the country are becoming impatient; he should stabilised his administration and start to work.”
Fasonranti advised that people should give Buhari sometime to get himself together.
“The war against corruption, unemployment is a lot of work. Nevertheless, the people seem to be directionless; so we need a purposeful leadership,” he stated.

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