Chairman of the Africa Information and Communication Technology Alliance AfICTA, Dr. Jimson Olufuye, has urged Nigeria to participate in Internet Governance IG.
Olufuye made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria NAN, in Lagos.
NAN reports that IG refers to the processes that impact how the internet is managed.
He said that Nigeria and the rest of Africa were yet to be fully involved in IG, a phenomenon that needed to be changed.
According to him, this development, if allowed to persist, will affect the African continent negatively, and prevent it from reaping maximum benefits of the digital economy.
“Nigeria can contribute to IG through multilayer and improved participation, based on result oriented Constructive Strategy.
“Nigeria is a leader in Africa and must show leadership indeed in global and African IG space.
“Enhanced cooperation on internet governance will encourage digital inclusion of Nigeria and the rest of the African sub-region.
“The internet is here to stay. But it can only thrive if we continue to pursue the evolving, multi stakeholder process; a process based on principles of collaboration, openness, transparency and inclusiveness,’’ he said.
Olufuye said that the internet continued to grow at an exponential rate, bringing with it new ways of transacting, communicating, learning, socialising and transforming just about every aspect of daily life.
He, however, said that the benefits of the internet were yet to be evenly distributed.
According to him, in Africa, despite a slow start, internet use is now rapidly accelerating and its transformative effects are increasingly accessible.
He said that the matter of how the internet was governed was a critical one.
“How we manage this precious, global resource directly impacts our economic and social opportunities far into the future.
“As policy makers and technical experts work to connect the remaining two-thirds of the world’s nations, the way in which the internet is governed will likely have an impact on how we use it and how it evolves,’’ Olufuye said.

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