Members of the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes, NANP, have issued a notice that they will close ‘shop’ to protest the recent pump price adjustment from N86.50 to N145 by the federal government.
The commercial sex workers, who expressed deep sympathy with the masses over the harsh economic realities, said unless they join them in protest against the oppressive hike in the price of petroleum products, the federal government will not appreciate the magnitude of the economic menace facing the country.
The sex workers said what the divided Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, failed to do will be done with success because they plan to ‘starve’ executive customers, who usually come at night to patronise them, especially during important functions when top politicians crowd Abuja.
“We will take to the streets. We will occupy Nigeria better than it was done in 2012 when ‘Occupy Nigeria’ brought the country to a standstill. We will shutdown the country and compel the federal government to come to terms with the reality on ground.
“We will bring the federal government to its kneel because we are a very important comportment of the state and we wield sufficient influence to draw attention. No man will patronise us if they don’t have enough money in their pockets, if they can’t feed their families how can they think of coming to sleeping with us?” Jane told Friday Magazine on Tuesday.
NANP said in a statement signed by its new leader, Tamar Tion, and Secretary, Sandra Efosa, that their business has been affected by the increase in fuel price.
The statement issued after its national executive meeting reads: “Members of the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes, NANP, have concluded plans to embark on a mother-of- all-protest to express our anger on the current economic hardship that citizens of Nigeria are passing through.
“The hardship has affected every facet of the society including our business as our customer base has diminished and the few men that seek our services do not have the money to pay, even after many of our members have reduced their prices drastically.
“Some of our members charge as low as N500 and yet customers complain because they do not have the money. We supported President Muhammadu Buhari when he was campaigning, believing that he will bring the desired change. But now things have gone from bad to worse. We are bread winners in our families and some of us have lots of responsibilities. Since this government came into power, things have sky rocketed. And to add to our woes, they have increased fuel price, making ordinary Nigerians worse off.
“We are mobilising our members all over the country to embark on protest on a date to be announced. We will occupy the National Assembly, various state secretariats and picket PHCN, NNPC and other parastatals. We are Nigerians and we pay taxes, so we also feel the pains.”
Friday Magazine recalls that commercial sex workers in the country had during the 2015 electioneering campaigns declared support for the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, General Muhammadu Buhari.
NANP then promised to declare three-day free sex across the country if Buhari eventually defeats incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.
It was not the first time that they had declared free sex for their customers. The group had in 2013 declared one-week free sex after the Super Eagles defeated Burkina Faso to lift the AFCON trophy after almost 20 years.
A statement signed by the then General Secretary, Jessica Elvis, noted that NANP was not happy with Jonathan’s government over the way commercial sex workers were being treated in the country since he assumed office.
It said commercial sex workers were worse off under Jonathan’s government, saying they recorded the lowest income during his tenure.
On the matter of protest, the association came into limelight in 2012 when its members staged a peaceful protest demanding legalisation of the trade, respect for its members and freedom to practice without being stigmatised.
48-year old Patoo Abraham led the protest group in Lagos.
Abraham had sought to ensure that prostitution is legalised in Nigeria and that sex workers are protected and respected. The mother-of-two, who heads the Nigerian chapter of the African Sex Workers Alliance, ASWA, and the Women of Power Initiative, WOPI, led the protest with the demonstrators wearing T-shirts with inscriptions “sex work is work, we need our rights.” “We are tired of dying in silence”, ”We want to be able to practise our profession with pride like every other person. We want an end to name-calling and stigmatisation. We are sex workers and not asawo [a derogatory Yoruba name for prostitutes].”
The protest, according to NANP, was a success and the association intends to press home its demands by insisting that the federal government reverts to the old pump price of petroleum.
Jane, quoted earlier, said though the strike action embarked upon by the NLC failed, its version will not because they are neither politically divided nor used by any faction of any affiliate of government.
“Look, we will succeed because we are united unlike labour that was strongly divided along political lines and were even mischievously used by the federal government to thwart the strike action.”

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