The President of Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association WISTA, in Nigeria Mrs. Chiazor-Anishere has said that Nigeria will host the 7th African Women in Maritime Conference in June 2015.
She said that the African Women in Shipping Conference was an initiative of WISTA Nigeria which kicked off in 2008.
“The African Women in Shipping Conference kicked off seven years ago. WISTA Nigeria created it and since then WISTA South Africa hosted after that.
“And when WISTA Ghana was formed after WISTA Nigeria introduced WISTA to Ghana; WISTA Ghana has also hosted African Women in the Shipping Industry. They’ve hosted twice.
“2008, WISTA Nigeria initiated the African Women Conference, 2009, WISTA South Africa hosted; 2010 WISTA Ghana.
“And since then it has been alternating between WISTA Ghana and WISTA Nigeria only.
“The reason for this is because WISTA South Africa had gone moribund.
“The International body is trying very hard to revive the South Africa. For one reason or the other, our South African sisters have packed up their interest in WISTA.
“Last year 2014, Ghana hosted the 6th African Women in Shipping Conference in their own city in Takoradi.
“This year 2015, Nigeria is hosting the African Women in Shipping Conference here in Lagos.
She said the other reason for hosting the conference was to encourage more women to participate in the maritime industry.
“The brilliant idea behind the initiative is to empower women in the industry in our great continent.
“Sharing ideas and best practices within the industry in our continent and of course networking which is very key. Don’t forget that the shipping industry is an international big time industry.
“So, if we are able to network; get to know one another but only within the confines of our country but because we appreciate the fact that shipping is an international vocation.
“Then it is necessary for us to go outside our shores and that we have tried to do by looking into our continent.
“It’s not restricted to women only; it is just an initiative by women; our men in the industry are invited but only as speakers but also to participate.
“We also extend the goodwill to our men in the industry.
“Topical issues affecting the industry are discussed and treated by people we have identified to be experts in the industry, ‘’ She said.
Chiazor-Anishere said that though WISTA International had been assisting to bring other African countries into WISTA but there were communication challenges.
She said that the major challenge with Franco-phone countries was language barrier.
Chiazor-Anishere said that Nigeria would get some translators to enable the Franco-phone countries to participate effectively in discussions at the conference.

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