Nigeria will come out better, stronger after this year’s elections – Rev. Odikanwa — Nigerian Pilot News
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Nigeria will come out better, stronger after this year’s elections – Rev. Odikanwa



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As the general elections approach, prominent Nigerians especially religious leaders have been preaching tolerance and peaceful conduct before, during and after the elections. In an interactive session with Nigerian Pilot’s deputy editor, Aaron Ossai and Business editor, Onu Okorie, the Senior Pastor of the Restoration Life Assembly, Wuye, Abuja, Dr, Udochi Majesty Odikanwa cautions against actions and speeches that can lead to break down of law and order.

On the message for political class especially especially those seeking offices, he said: Yes, I’m happy that today has come and I want to let the two major players in this forthcoming election to know that election is not all about trying to kill anyone or trying to manipulate your way through to get to power. History will judge you of the role you have played right now either negatively or positively. Today, we are talking about Goodluck Jonathan, a former President of this nation who even before the incidents of the conclusion of INEC made a phone call through to our now President Mohammadu Buhari to congratulate him, that role he played has made him become a hero of democracy not just in Nigeria, not just in Africa but outside the shores of this continent because he felt life is not all about power.

After all, today, if you see him, he has added more weight, I mean he is looking fresher and younger; he did not die because he lost to the opponent in 2015. This was made possible because he did not listen to people around him that urged him to clinch unto power. Muhammadu Buhari contested for several times before he worn. If he loses this time he should be magnanimous to say I thank you Nigerians. I have done my best and that will go down in history as a Commander-in-Chief that handed over power peacefully. We will not like what happened to Gbagbo of Ivory Coast to happen here because international communities have deployed their satellite to Nigeria and so whatever you are doing, everywhere is pictured, the ICC are interested too. So nobody should misbehave.

So the point I’m making in this particular moment to major contenders in this election is that they should take it with a spirit of a sportsmanship, There is a popular saying, “do not spoil what you have in seeking what you have not” because in trying to do that you will go down in history and as a man who came, saw but failed, and so you must make sure that history will remember you on a good note not on a negative part. Let them go into the election having in mind to either win or lose but either way, it is important to live a legacy by making sure that people will praise you for good gesture, how you responded to failure and also how you became so magnanimous in victory.

We must consider these two things; it is not do or die affair. In my religion, as a Pastor, Micah 7:8 says; “rejoice not against me oh my enemies, when I fall, that is not the end of my life, I shall rise.”

If anyone did not win this election let the person have in mind that another one is coming, if you are saying I’m too old to run the next one; you still have role to play as a mentor or role model who can also groom others who make reference to you and say Mr. this, Mr. that mentor me, today I am in the corridor of power; and so nobody must deceive any of these two contenders to say look, you are old, you must win in this time,

Speaking on electoral violence, the clergy man said I’m so disappointed of recent when I see most of our leaders making utterances that are against nature and sometimes have no substantiating fact. By so doing those people are willingly destroying their names. Such utterances are of course instilling fears in the mind of citizens, good leaders don’t engage in such unwholesome actions, when you see something that can result to destruction of the nation, there are so many underground ways to soften them, as a good leader, not trying to raise dust because we are living in a nation that is still having a fragile unity.

Psalms 75:6 said promotion cometh not from east or from the west but it cometh from God, and so anybody that has clinched unto power on this forthcoming election, let it be.

For those that would say that the winners were rigged into power, know that anybody God has not approved no matter what they do, it cannot work.

Anybody that has come to power has come there because God has permited him to be there, if God has not permitted him to be there, he may be killed a night preceding the election or allowed you go there and you die in office. So must go into this election with the spirit of sportsmanship.

Again when you talk about violent in democracy and the nation, some of these people that constituted this violence they use other people’s children. Also people must know that most of the causes of this violence is traceable to joblessness in the nation; there is a large scale of unemployment, when the youths are unemployed there is a common adage that says an idle man is a devil’s workshop. Now we must treat the scourge of unemployment in this nation as a serious matter to curb a high level of political violence.

There is what I call manipulation; electoral manipulation contributes because when you watch most of the things that fuel some of this crisis it means that when party A or B see that the result is not meeting the expectation of the party because of manipulation they tend to take laws into their hands.I’m calling on Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) not to allow it to be subjectto manipulation. They must be seen to be transparent. Whatever that in the ballot box right there at the polling centre should reflect what will go on in the collation room.

Most family is suffering today because of what their father did. We must be very careful, you are dealing with people you are dealing with God, be transparent, let your conscience bear you witness that you are transparent in this election in collation of result, very, very important, so that we don’t give the enemy room to strike.

In the western world everything is transparent and this is why you don’t see some of this violent over there and on the side of Nigerian political class, some of them want to get there by all means, because most of them don’t have job doing; only politics, that is very wrong.

As a Pastor, I have a company, the church is a place where people are delivered, souls are saved for the kingdom of God and deliverance are giving unto men, but at the same time, I run a property business that helps me not to depend on the church fund to survive. Most time the company has given scholarship to the members here. Not from the church purse, the company own by me. We are into properties and we are doing averagely well; politics should be like that, you don’t become a politician, you are not doing anything, such are the looters of the public treasury, such politicians are corrupt.

Also I believe this also will curtail people rush in to politics and see it as do or die affair. If that is done I’m telling you, it will be less attractive for people who want to lose but more attractive for people who have something in mind to offer their immediate constituent and also the society. They won’t bring trouble because they have lots of thing at their background.

On whether Christians should participate in politics despite its being perceived as a dirty gamre, Yeah, my advice as God servant is a very simple one. You cannot say a place is dirty and you continue to make reference to it, No. Genesis chapter 3 and 4 you read it down, the Bible say God created man, He gave him responsibility.

That was the reason of that garden, in other words, before the garden was not properly dressed; God said dress this garden and keep it.

For Christians, it is enough of sitting at the window, enough of sitting aloof, NO! However, when I’m talking about Christian, they must be thoroughly clean in to politics, you must not just say, I’m a Christian by mouth and you go in there, you become nominal Christian.

You need to be well grinded in the Lord before you can battle some of these things, because we are dealing with people who are building political class with lies with hypocrisy, with cheats, with insincerity. You make several promises and don’t do it. If I make promise I don’t sleep, I do everything to make sure I fulfill because it is a bond.

Christian must go in to politics more especially when you are academically, spiritually, morally qualified go in there and make a different,

Matin Luther King JnwasReverend; he was one of the people revolutions in the American system to destroy the dichotomy between the black and the white. He said: I have a dream that one day this nation will rise. Today that dream has been achieved, the other day I went to Washington, I was with them and we were just there but you cannot do it before. They used to see blacks as inferior people but somebody broke the jinx’s and so Christians must wake up, you contest for a governor seat, you can contest for president seat, you can contest for senatorial seat and whatever, you can, if God permits, you go there and make a difference.

As a pastor who has been praying for Nigeria, has there been any revelation from God on the elections, he said God has previously spoken about this election. This election is going to come and lots of dust is going to be raised. I saw it not escalating as people were imagined how is going to be. I will not categorically here predict the person God told me that he is going to carry the day. But I saw a similar thing that happened in Osun trying to happen in this election and that should not happen, it will not be good for the nation. God want us to know that this nation belongs to Him and Nigeria will not disintegrate in this coming election. People that are getting afraid, here and there should calm down because God is interested in this nation and there will be no trouble after and during election. Yes, enemies are bringing up so many things, but it will not happen.

While counseling Nigerians on the need to embrace peace, Rev. Odikanwa said my general message for Nigerians is that, you must get your PVC, you must vote according to track records. You must not sale your vote, selling your vote means committing immorality against God.

You have sold a generation; you must not sale your vote, no matter the price they give to you. Allow your conscience to guide you, am I voting for party A, for what am I voting, for party B for what am I voting.

Also, you must remember that your vote this time is very, very important. You are either voting for good or for evil, depending on what you what to vote for and whom you want to vote for.

So we all must get our PVC’s. We must not involve in political thuggery or involve in ballot snatching. We must not involve in killing. We must respect our law enforcement agents and the law enforcement agents must be very, very neutral in this forthcoming election.

The government in power must be able to do everything possible to be impartial in this election. Nobody must have a hand in anything that will seem like rigging this election because doing that may constitute doom for the nation, and we must not do that. Whoever God has destined to carry the day at the end of the election let it be.

God has destined that person to be, definitely Nigeria will be having a new dawn after this election, I’m very optimistic about it.

On the issue of fake news he satd there are people siting somewhere and concocting such lies, just to cause confusion everywhere, one must be careful because the giver and the receiver of lies from the religious background will go to hell.

This people belong to Churches and Mosques. A real Muslim is morally upright; they believe in morality, a real Christian is also morally sound and upright too. So if these factors make us to live together, we should not send wrong signal.

Those doing that should have a rethink. I want to tell Nigerians that God is interested in this nation. So no witch, deity, cabal, can hold Nigeria down if not this country could have disintegrated for a long time.

As I’m talking, Nigerians don’t see themselves as one because of fake news. Our leaders must rise to their responsibility. INEC must be impartial. Foreigners must not be allowed to vote in this election if you do, you are committing immorality to Nigerian state.


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