As I understand, it appears the western world has ostracised we most Nigerians from incorporating our very own culture. We seem not to apprehend the magnitude of our culture; our culture is our pride, which should not be neglected for the western realm.
Nattering about respect, it has been trivialised beyond the human comprehension. An emblematic Yoruba man ought to prostrate whilst greeting a senior nonetheless the reverse is the case in our day. Due to the over familiarity with the whites, we greet the seniors with ‘HELLO’. That i repudiate, only if I was thirsty for punishments. I am of the opinion that respect is to be re-oriented in our homes. We must appreciate the fact being African is very much desirable in evaluation to the Europeans, Americans or even the Australians. We might be in reverse, but trust me not for forever.
A good number of young Nigerians find it gruelling to communicate in their dilates. This is an increasingly default found in most homes, parents should endeavour bringing up their children in the African way. History made it clear we were colonised by the English, that doesn’t guarantee us neglecting our ethics. The three major tribes which are the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa warrants significance. As we see it today, our beliefs seem dwindling, as lot water has passed under the bridge lately. We must have a concrete understanding about the importance of our vast culture. Albeit we have secured a lot benefits from the western world like technology, security and health still does not vindicate us obliterating our culture.
However, we get pleasure in mimicking the accent of the whites. Having said that ,I will give a scenario. Nengi studied mass communications at the University of Lagos and plans to work at a reputable radio station in Lagos, knowing fully well she would be of more pro if she spoke like the British. Still to watch, she travels to England for some time and returns to Nigeria. Now you will agree with me that if Nengi goes for the job interview, she would be selected considering her quality. We need to be authentic; I need not to have an British accent to be considered working for a radio station. It is high time we began to appreciate our accent.
Nevertheless, our very preserved traditional attires materialise to be insignificant these days. We appreciate more of foreign outfits. The reason why the white barely patronise our attires is that they do not see the care we give to our culture. My younger brother finds it hard to put on his traditional attire because he has been completely exposed to the western world. I must commend President Muhammed Buhari for his leadership, I scarcely see him on suit albeit it is official. He is proud to be from the North and it tells each time you get to see him.
The music and movie industry of the western world has largely contributed to this predicament. Commencing with the slangs, you know the youth of this time. They try to ridicule whatsoever they hear or see from the television. The hackneyed one is the F word. I am certain most Nigerian youth know not the etymology of most slang. So we don’t care to know the history and all as long it sounds sweet. I am not surprised we learn those slang faster than we learn passages from the bible. Google could corroborate that. We need to appreciate Nigerian music and movies, we must do that jealously. We must not forget that “ evil communication corrupts good manners” with this I can say I am a proud child of a fortunate land.

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