Presidency has denied allegations by the All Progressives Congress, APC, that it is grounding the economy and truncating peaceful handover of power to the President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.
The President’s Political Adviser, Prof. Rufai Alkali, in a statement yesterday, declared that the allegations were “immature, reckless and out of tune with the President Goodluck Jonathan’s desire and patriotic commitment to a peaceful transfer of power.”
Alkali said that President Jonathan would continue to discharge his responsibilities and would not be stampeded out of office before the May 29 terminal date.
He warned the APC to talk less and plan more as the country moves towards the 29th May inauguration date.
The presidential aide said: “Nigerians will recall that shortly after the results of the presidential elections were announced, President Goodluck Jonathan inaugurated a high-powered transition committee to plan and organise a hitch-free transition programme for the inauguration of the incoming administration.
“Surprisingly, it took the APC more than three weeks to wake up to its responsibility to constitute its own transition committee. How then can they turn around to accuse the government of frustrating the transition programme?”
Alkali reminded the APC that “since the setting up of the committee, the President and the entire machinery of the Federal Government have been put on the transition mode and all government officers have been giving maximum cooperation to the incoming transition committee.”
He therefore cautioned the APC to refrain from blackmailing the President over recent Federal Government policies and decisions, saying that “by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Jonathan remains in office till 29th of May 2015 when he formally hands over to the incoming President.”
While insisting that “the President should not be stampeded, coerced or undermined in the exercise of his constitutional responsibilities,” Alkali argued that “the machinery of government cannot be put on hold or frozen because the country is in transition.”
On the allegation that the government was running the economy aground, Prof. Alkali reminded APC that “governance is a serious business, stressing that with the sudden and unexpected concession of victory to them, “it appears that the APC is beginning to face the full reality of managing the great challenges of a complex nation.”
According to him, “their recent, frequent and unnecessary attacks on the President clearly shows that they are losing their nerves and are beginning to lay foundation to justify their failures in the near future and we want to remind them that Nigerians are not ready to accept any excuses for their failure. They promised to bring change so they must bring positive change to the well-being of Nigerians and urgently too.”
Alkali urged the APC to allow the joint transition committee to work in harmony to ensure a peaceful transition.

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