ARGUMENT over desirability of
Biafra by some Nigerians in India
has been blamed for the death of
N. Chigozie, a 33 year old who
came to India with a student visa.
Indian police in Bengaluru are
already probing the death.
The body of the Nigerian was
found near the railway gate in
Hennur, northeast Bengaluru, in
the wee hours of Monday.
Chigozie, a resident of Hennur,
was found with head injuries at
2am; his motorcycle had skidded
off the road.
While the body has been shifted
to Ambedkar hospital for autopsy,
Kothanur police, based on
his brother’s statement have registered a murder case, reports the
Times of India.
“It seems to be an accidental
death. Preliminary evidence shows
Chigozie, who was speeding on his
bike, crashed into a iron railing and
died of head injuries. He was not
wearing a helmet. But his younger
brother Nieskho claims he was murdered,”
police said.
On Sunday evening, Chigozie,
Nieskho and four other Nigerians
partied at African Kitchen restaurant
at Byrathi near Hennur.
“The six revellers quarrelled over
sharing food and assaulted each other.
Nieskho went to a nearby hospital
to treat his injuries and Chigozie followed
him on bike. While returning fromthe hospital, Chigozie died,”
police said.
But in another account given by
BangaloreMirror, Chigozie’s brother,
whose name was spelt as Nanso,
claimed his brother was killed after
an argument with other friends over
Here is the report in the newspaper:
A 33-year-old man from Nigeria
was found dead under mysterious
circumstances near Geddalahalli on
Hennur Road in the early hours of
Monday. The brother of the victim,
identified as Chigozie, said he may
have been murdered. Chigozie was
found dead near the Railway bridge
at Geddalahalli.
The victim, who came to India ona student visa, was doing some business
in the city, according to police.
The victim, along with his brother
Nanso, is said to have partied with
a group of friends at a house in Byrathi.
During the party, it is alleged that
the brothers and their friends had
an argument over a political development
in their country. Police said
both the brothers were allegedly
beaten up.
Nanso, who had come in his car,
drove to a nearby private hospital
and is said to have taken treatment.
Chigozie, who was returning home
on his bike, was found dead near the
railway bridge. “Nanso suspects that
his brother could have been killed.
However prima facie evidence
suggests that the death could also
be due to an accident. The victim
could have skidded and fell from
the bike while riding home. It was
raining heavily. But a murder case
has been registered based on his
brother’s complaint and investigations
are on,” S Girish, DCP
(North East) told BM.
The Kothanur police, investigating
the case, said the group
of friends who were partying
were discussing about the political
turmoil back home over the
formation of a separate state in
The discussion led to assault and
the brothers were badly beaten up.

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