Latest ranking by Global Firepower, GFP has put Nigerian military ahead of 16 European countries, which include Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Bulgaria, Austria, Belarus, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Albania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
By the rating, Nigeria is rated 4th in Africa out of the 29 African countries that made the list, and 46th in the world.
The ranking, according to GFP, is based strictly on each nation’s potential conventional war-making capabilities across land, sea and air.
Reports published by TheCableng showed that the United States, US led the rest of the world, while Egypt had the highest ranking in Africa and 12th in the world.
Next to Egypt in Africa were Algeria and Ethiopia, which came 26th and 42nd in the global ranking.
The full list of the African countries in the 2016 ranking are Egypt, Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Morocco, Sudan, Libya and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Others are Kenya, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Chad, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ghana, Cameroon, Mozambique, Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, as well as Madagascar.
Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Namibia, Somalia and Central Africa Republic also made the list.

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