OAP DADDY Freeze has
claimed that Nigerian pastors
hacked his Instagram account.
His account was hacked
hours after he reacted to a
viral video where church
members of the House on the
Rock were seen walking out
of the service during a sermon
by Pastor Paul Adefarasin.
Freeze, via his Twitter page,
insists the development would
not stop him from castigating
‘yahoo boys’ pastors and
preaching on tithing
“This was the picture I
wanted 2 post on Instagram
when I realized that my
account had been hacked.
Why are they so afraid of the
“Instead of pastors to debunk
my stance on tithing with the
Bible they are busy hacking
accounts. How Christlike.
“The truth is bigger than me
and bigger than them. Even if
I stop speaking now, the seed
has been sown and watered
with Bible verses.

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