NIGERIANS ARE wondering why the National Identity Management Commission, NIMC, has not been able to effect issuance of the national identity cards to those who have registered despite the huge investment government has made in providing it to the public. A businessman, Mr. Uchenna Ibe, said that he registered in 2014 and expected that by now he would have his national ID card but has been waiting in vain. It will be recalled that in an
effort to improve the rate of card collection nationwide, NIMC has established card collection centres in all of its state offices nationwide. But the unfortunate thing is that many who registered are complaining that it has become difficult to account what happened to their card many years after registration. General Manager, Corporate Communications, NIMC, Mr. Abdulhamid Umar said in a statement that ID card collection centres in all the Local Government Areas, LGA’s in the country were opened in order to facilitate the ID card registrations.
It would be recalled that former President Goodluck Jonathan urged the commission to ensure that at least 100 million Nigerians were enrolled for the National Identification Number and issued their e-ID Cards, at the celebratory launch of the National e-ID Card on August 28, 2014, in Abuja. According to the President, ordinary Nigerians must benefit from the use of the card. “The card builds a window to a social security benefit system and therefore, it is a card every Nigerian should get.” Mr. Umar further confirmed that although not all local
government areas have enrolment centres, efforts are seriously ongoing to ensure that Enrolment and Card collection centres are established in all the local government areas. “NIMC currently has over 400 enrolment centres nationwide and is working tirelessly to ensure that more of such centres are opened in all of the 774 local government areas.” It has been observed that some Nigerians who have received their National e-ID Cards are completely impressed and excited with the process of Card issuance and activation.

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