RAPE is one of the incidents that have
undermined the sanity of the Nigerian
society as at today. It has caused victims
emotional pains and has even exposed
many to avoidable sexually transmitted
Nigerian Peter Idoko sought the views
of some Nigerians on the very ugly act
and how it can be checked.
Ejike Ugwu
Public Servant, Enugu State
“What I understand by the word ‘rape’
is engaging someone, male or female, in
a sexual intercourse without the person’s
consent or approval.
You know in our society today, so
many horrible things are happening;
most times when we hear of such things
we are not surprised because these days
some news and some bad acts that are
happening are even worse than that.
I believe human beings have their
different ways of doing things; so for me
I feel that sometimes it could depend on
the mentality of individuals and I have
read it on paper, even adults raping
eight-month-old baby and so on. So it
is just the time and the moment such
things happen that we will hear.
However, for me, you know that there
is a law; my problem is that most of the
rapists, even when they are caught, some
of them have highly placed figures; so at
the end of the day they will be set free.
If the punishment that raping attracts
as contained in law can be meted out
on them adequately, I think it will be
The truth is in some cases, there have
been factors that can instigate rape, such
as like the way women dress. Basically,
the way they dress, the way they expose
themselves and all that, I think that like
when I was in school, we were told of some
of the women were told to dress in trousers
because, maybe, when you dress in
trousers, before a rapist would penetrate,
she could be helped, because you know it
involve struggles on both sides. So I believe
that if women can dress properly it might
curtail the level of rape in our society and
again, in the case of students, it happens
when the female ones go to club or when
they go to the opposite sex’s house late at
night and all that. I think if a woman would
curtail some of these things the person
might be out of this kind of problem.”
Anthony Udoka
Akwa Ibom State
“If there is sexual consent, then it’s not
rape. It becomes rape if the consent of the
other party is not there. Even a husband
can rape his wife and vice-versa.
I think both men and women are to blame
when it comes to rape in some instances.
Women dress provocatively and there are
some men who can’t hold themselves, but
that is in some few cases.
In most cases, men who rape go out and
pay women to satisfy their sexual orgies.
Some men are just natural perverts; so any
woman they see they want to sleep with,
even minors.
The punishment I would prefer is out
right castration or life imprisonment so that
they cannot hurt women anymore, because
most of them after they are released still go
back to the crime.
I also feel the rising cause of rape is as a
result of pornography and the improper
use of aphrodisiacs for sexual stimulation.
Something like Viagra is supposed to be for
older women but you find young people
using it anyhow and cannot control their
The advice I have for a victim of rape is
that the person should speak up quickly
and identify the culprit, because most of
the times, victims are too scared to report
and they get away with it and then find
another victim.
Women should avoid going out with
strangers or people they don’t know,
especially on their first date. If you are not
ready to have sex with a guy, avoid going
to his house or meeting him at a hotel. And
also, dress properly because rapists always
pick their victims and are attracted to girls
they think are loose.”
Hajara Musa Sulaiman
“Well, what I understand by rape is
forcing someone to have sexual relationship
which he or she doesn’t want. Even if it is
your wife or husband, at the time he doesn’t
want and you forced him and also those
who are raping little children, either boys
or girls. Whether we like it or not, they are
raping men too, the small boys and girls,
that is what I understand by rape.
Seriously, like for old men that are raping
little girls, I think they are sick. As a mother
I don’t know what they will do that I will
say is enough for that kind of person as
punishment, because he also has children
and you cannot do that to his children. I
believe death is the proper punishment for
him to stop doing it to others.
Like what we are seeing these days
on facebook, like young men raping
older women, what would they expect
in doing that? I have not heard of that
but for that too, they need a drastic or
severe punishment. Whether you like it
or not, women too contribute to being
raped through their mode of dressing.
So my advice to the women is that they
should dress properly and the parents
should inculcate a monitoring habit on
their dresses and talking to them on the
way they should go about their dressing.
I know in some cases, there are the ones
that cause it for themselves, maybe their
attitude, the way they dress, they should
dress properly.”
Onuoha Ikechukwu, FCT
“Taking someone forcefully and sleeping
with her without her consent, this case has
been very rampant. Maybe you see a girl,
tall, well dressed and before you know it
they are raped. So women are the ones in
danger today.
However, as for young men raping
older women, I am not sure it happens in
our society; what I know is a young man
raping young women.
Men raping children is bad, that is very
bad! This rape issue is not just for someone
having sexual urge or hungry for women,
sometimes I don’t really know the word
to use. For example, like in the movies we
watch and I also believe it happens in
the real life too, when you have a house
help and the girl is more beautiful than
your wife or maybe she dresses in a way
that can provoke your urge for sexual
pleasure, it may lead to you taking
advantage of her.
For me, 30 years imprisonment will be
my preferred punishment for rapists.
There are lots of measures that women
should adopt to avoid being raped. For
instance, the way they dress, like what
they say, men are moved by their sight;
whatever our eyes see, we are moved
by it and so they should dress properly
and avoid being raped. Secondly, they
should avoid going to lonely places with
guys and know the kind of company
they keep.”
Olumide E. Akinwumi
Oyo State.
“Rape can be seen as having canal
knowledge of the opposite sex without
his/her consent or permission.
In this era, it seems it has been a little
on the low apart from the pedophiles on
the rampage now.
I guess the referred punishment for
rapists should be imprisonment for some
number of years with no option of bail.
My advice for rape victims is to go
for test after the act. She should always
know the kind of men she moves with
and avoid lonely places.
The measure I think women should
take to avoid being raped, like I said
earlier, the kind of people I move with
will determine the level at which I can
easily be raped. Ladies should also avoid
walking on lonely paths.
As for men raping minors, I think most
reasons have been that the exercise is as
a result of supernatural curse. In other
words, it’s mostly been regarded as
ritual process; and apart from that, there
are people who are just pedophiles.
As for men raping old women, that
type of issue is not really that common,
but I believe such guys are sex starved
and don’t know how to talk to a girl
so they take solace in a helpless old
Gift Udo Ogbonnaya
Public Servant, Imo State
“Rape can be defined as forcing
someone to have sex out of his/her will
– a kind of sexual assault carried out on
someone without their consent.
Causes of rape can include indecent
dressing by our ladies and also going
to the house of a guy they don’t know
much about or walking late at night or
going to club.
My advice to rape victims is that it is
not the end of the world; they should
forget the past and move on. Lastly, the
person has to go to hospital for proper
checkup and treatment.
As for men raping old women, that is
wickedness, but I will advise mothers
they should be careful who they leave
their children with; and the Nigerian
authority should enforce a strong law
and punishment on culprits of this
dastardly act.
Punishment for anyone caught raping
people should be death by hanging.

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