New global ranking of animal feed has move Nigeria from number 51 to 40 in the world, a significant progress from its previous ranking of number 51 out of 130 leading animal feed countries in the world.
Nigerian Animal feed production estimates are obtained from statistics computed by the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science NIAS, and are made available to local and International Organizations for planning and business purposes. Nigeria through the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science is a member of the FAO/IFIF International Feed Regulators Meeting IFRM.
The ALLTECH Global feed ranking 2015 recently published indicated that there was a significant rise in the livestock sector in 2014 and 2015, particularly in aquaculture production, and also in the poultry meat sector as the Nigeria Custom Services is succeeding in curtailing smuggled frozen poultry meat into Nigeria through land borders.
As demand for local poultry products rose, there was a corresponding demand for more animal feeds. Nigeria was estimated to produce 3.8million metric tons of animal feeds in 2014, ALLTECH 2015 which shot Nigeria from number 51 to number 40 out of 130 leading Countries in the world.
In 2015, NIAS statistics revealed that Nigeria hit 5.3million metric tons of animal feeds with the following breakdown: Category Feed, Metric tonnes, Egg 3, 180 ,000 Chicken meat 1,078,000 Aquaculture 647,750 Pork 265, 000 Milk 53,000 Beef 41, 250 Petfoods/Microlivestock 35,000 TOTAL 5,300,000
At the coming 5th Global Food and Feed Congress to be held in Antalya, Republic of Turkey in April 2016, Nigeria will be presenting a report of the International Feed Industry Federation, IFIF Global Animal Nutrition Train-The trainer program that was sponsored by IFIF in Lagos in 2015. Technical capacity was built for the Nigerian Feed Industry in 2015 by the International Feed Industry Federation on the implementation of the FAO/Codex code of practice on good Animal Feeding.
Nigeria is now rated as one of the world’s largest emerging animal feeds producers in the world with a better opportunity to penetrate the International animal feeds export market.

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