Council, IYC, Worldwide,
Roland Oweilaemi Pereotubo,
said the country’s future
looks bleak due to structural
imbalances that permeate the
entire system.
According to a statement
made available to Nigerian
Pilot, the IYC president stated
this while delivering a speech
at a six-day national conference
on the future of Nigeria held
in Washington D.C which
started on November 13 with
the theme ‘‘A Country at a
“To us in the Niger Delta, the
future of the country is bleak
due to structural imbalance.
The clamour for restructuring,
resource control and true
federalism, as well as the
religious-cum ethnic crisis are
ominous signs that Nigeria is
sitting on a time bomb.
“The solution to the doom
days awaiting the country is
restructuring, what this means
is that there is a democratic
blunder created by the British
Government. Nigerians are
under colony in the hands of
some ethnic groups”.
The IYC president cited
the perennial oil crisis in
the Niger Delta region,
gas flaring, environmental
degradation, despoliation and
oil exploitation as some of
the challenges facing the oil
producing states of the South-
The youth leader hinted that
the country’s constitution
was a military machination,
hence cannot take care of the
imbalance except it is amended.
“The 1999 Constitution which
is a creation of General
Abubakar Abdusalami’s
military junta cannot be said to
represent Nigerians interest”.
Oweilaemi called on the
federal government to as a
matter of urgency address
the constitutional crisis in the
country vis-a-vis the popular
demands for restructuring,
devolution of power to the
region/states, resource control
and true federalism.
“To us in the Niger Delta
region, our demands in
addition to the above ar, selfdetermination
and political
autonomy, we want to be free
citizens in our fatherland, the
present political structure of
Nigeria treated Niger Deltans
as outcasts, we have been
enslaved to the majority tribes
through legislative processes.
These are the reasons why our
people are angry”.
There is need for a national
consensus, for all Nigerians in
all ethnic backgrounds to have a
say in the national government.
We need to sit together to define
an acceptable formula for the
future of Nigeria. That is the
only panacea to the survival
of the country in midst of its

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