Worrisome is the continual reported cases of rape and other sexual violence in the country.


There is hardly any week that
passes without reported incidents of
rape in Nigeria.-sexual relationship
without the consent of a party
involved. Early in the week came
a report from the North Western
geopolitical zone of the country,
Katsina State to be precise, where the
State’s Police Command launched a
manhunt for a three-man gang who
allegedly abducted and gang-raped a
one-year-old baby.
Reports stated that the men
abducted the baby from her mother,
Suwaiba Ahmadu in the Danja LGA
of the state on her way from Angwan
Bawa area, Northern City News
They reportedly lured the woman
to take a ride with them and on their
way, grabbed the baby, fled to a nearby
bush where the men allegedly took
turns to rape the baby. Confirming
the reports to a national daily, the
Katsina State Police Public Relations
Officer, DSP Isha Gambo said that the
police had arrested one of the gang
members, while the remaining two
were still on the run.
”At a point along the bush path, the
baby, who was strapped to the back
of the mother, was forcefully taken
from her by two members of the
gang. They ran inside the bush with
the baby, where another member was
waiting for them. The trio thereafter
gang-raped the baby.
“One of the gang members, Saleh
Suleiman, is already in the police net
while the other two, whose names we
cannot disclose yet are on the run.”
In another rape incident Olalekan
Lasisi, a-32 year police corporal attached
to Ekiti State Police Command, is in
trouble as Nigeria Standard reported
that his lust for minor, especially underage
girls while on patrol has landed him
in trouble.
Reports by the local publication in
Ado Ekiti revealed that Lasisi, allegedly
raped and impregnates a 12-yearold
pupil, Kemi Olawale ,real names
withheld. Olawale, a virgin and orphan
was reportedly raped twice by Lasisi
around November last year is now six
months pregnant.
Reports had it that the police personnel
sighted Olawale while being sent on
errand in Basiri area of Ado Ekiti. Eye
witness account had it that Lasisi looked
everywhere to ensure no one sighted
him after which , he allegedly dragged
her inside a bush and had several rounds
of sex with the JSS 1 girl. He allegedly
gagged her mouth in order not to attract
attention of passers-by. Few weeks after
the incidence, the girl stopped schooling
and was afraid to tell Mrs. Juliana
Olajiga, her guardian for fear of being
reprimanded. More so, Olajiga was
said by neighbours to have traveled at
a time the incidence occurred. Olajiga
reportedly claimed that sometime ago
she became sick and her children took
her away from Ado Ekiti for proper
Olajiga claimed that on her return
in April, she noticed some changes in
the body of Olawale. She confronted
her that she may be pregnant, but the
minor denied. To put her mind to rest,
she took her to a near-by laboratory for
a clinical test. There, it was discovered

that Olawale was already six month
Worried by this development, a nongovernmental
organisation NGO, in
Ado Ekiti, coordinated by Mrs. Rita
Ilevbare petitioned Olayinka Balogun,
Ekiti State Commissioner of Police ,CP,
and demanded that Lasisi be arrested for
allegedly raping a minor after Olajiga
had sought reliefs from the group.
In his response, Balogun, the police
boss in Ekiti reportedly confirmed
the receipt of the petition and said the
suspect ,Lasisi, had been arrested on the
strength of the petition, adding that a
senior police officer had been directed
as an Investigating Police Officer, IPO,

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to handle the case.
Some time last year there was
celebrated rape case involves 17-yearold
Roda Timothy, who left her home
state in Plateau for Lagos, with the
hope to secure employment, earn a
decent living and be in a position to
help her family.
However, her lofty dreams were
shattered barely few days after she
was employed as a maid. She was
allegedly raped and impregnated
by her Lebanese boss in Lagos who
later kicked her out of his house when
all his efforts to abort the pregnancy
failed. Her boss popularly called
Hussein, works as a professional chef
for highbrow companies in Lagos
and resides on Allen Avenue, Ikeja
agreed to pay Roda N10, 000 monthly.
Two months after impregnating her,
Hussein sacked her after paying her
a paltry sum of N19,000 for the two
months she worked for him.
Roda then narrated how it all
happened: “I started working with
the man as a maid immediately I
came to Lagos. He agreed to pay me
N10,000 monthly as my salary. When
I packed into the house, my boss was
not around but he came back two days
later from his work place.According
to her:
“On this particular day, my boss
was about to leave the house when his
brother asked me to go and meet him
and collect some money to purchase
food items for the house. I knocked
on his door, he answered and asked
me to come inside. When I entered, I
told him that his brother asked me to
collect money to purchase food items.
He said okay and got up from where
he was sitting, and pretended as if
he wanted to get the money before
he grabbed me forcefully. I struggled
with him and was shouting but he
over powered me and raped me.
“The following month when I
discovered that I had missed my
monthly circle, I informed him about
it but instead of finding solution
to it, he raped me a second time. I
then kept disturbing him about the
growing pregnancy. What he did
was to send me to a nearby chemist
with a prescription but the attendant
refused to attend to me without his
presence. He later went with me and
bought some drugs which he asked
me to take to abort the pregnancy. I
took the drugs but nothing happened.
After some days, he bought another
set of drugs which I took, yet, nothing
I then became very worried and was
disturbing him to find a solution to the
problem he caused. That was when
he started threatening me and later
sacked me after paying me N19,000.
I was so afraid that when I went

back to my brother who brought
me to Lagos, I didn’t tell him that I
was pregnant for my boss. I was just
praying that the pregnancy will just
disappear but it did not. Unknown
to my brother that I was pregnant, he
got me another job where I worked
for four months as a maid before my
new employer discovered that I was
pregnant and told my brother.” The
matter is being handled by civil right
organisations in Lagos.
.Cases of rape in the country, sadly
seem to have grown in frequency
maybe because our institutions
are not addressing these crimes by
dealing with the perpetrators. There
was a case of a 44-year-old man
from Ini Local Government Area of
Akwa Ibom State who was alleged
to have defiled his daughter and
actually confessed to have had sexual
intercourse with her several times.
There was also a case of a man in
Enugu who raped three of his children
aged five, seven and nine and another
10-year-old girl who cried out after
constant defilement by her father for
a period of 18 months in Lagos? What
can we say about that?
In a survey carried out recently
on rape in Nigerian universities, it
was discovered that in one of the top
federal universities, 100 per cent of
rape/sexually harassed victims are
female students. Of that number, 67
per cent did nothing after they were
raped while 33 per cent made some
kind of feeble report of being raped
to friends, a course adviser and
others made reports to their parents
or guardians. Nearly 88 per cent of
respondents have heard of sexual
harassment with 66 per cent being
aware of more than two cases of rape.
Of that number, 99 per cent of the
students agreed that there should be
a centre where incidences of rape are
If that number of students in the
country’s tertiary institutions would
decide to keep quiet after they have
been raped by lecturers and fellow
students, it means that we have
one hell of a problem on our hands.
Keeping quiet after being raped may
just be one very good reason why the
crime is on the rise in Nigeria. Most
people keep quiet because they do not
have confidence in the institutions
that should champion their cause.
This lack of confidence can make
students and the larger society begin
to resort to self-help in the resolution
of incidences of rape and sexual
molestation in all strata of our lives.
The rape incidents are beginning
to receive the attention of Nigerian
lawmakers. Early in the week,
members of the Senate, at the plenary
on Tuesday, took turns to lament the
rising cases of rape and other forms
of sexual violence in Nigeria.
The upper chamber of the National
Assembly specifically asked the

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Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim
Idris, to investigate and prosecute sexual
crimes in the country.
It also urged judges to revisit the
sentences for sexual offences and
domestic violence to reflect the
seriousness of the crimes.
The lawmakers lamented that while
there were existing laws to check sexrelated
crimes, the rate was rising due
to the failure by security agencies to
enforce the laws.
The condemnation came when the
Deputy Majority Leader, Senator Bala
Ibn Na’Allah, moved a motion titled,
‘Urgent need to investigate the alarming
rate of rape and sexual assault against
women, children and vulnerable people
across the country’.
In the motion, Na’Allah said, “The
Senate notes the frightening increase in
cases of sexual violence, notably rape,
where more than half of the victims
are minors, children below the age of
“The Senate further notes that in most
of these cases, the perpetrators are
usually familiar neighbours, employers
of labour and close family members;
and it is concerned that the activities
of these sexual predators constitute
a serious security threat to the larger
segment of our society and are severely
Na’Allah lamented that the perversion
was spreading across the country, with
both the male and female genders as
victims “especially in view of the poor
prosecution and conviction numbers
being turned out.”
He added, “The Senate is disturbed that
on a nearly daily basis, our newspapers
are awash with reports of rape and other
sexual violence. It observes that these
acts portray the country in a bad light
and are alien to both our cultural and
religious orientation as a people.”
The lawmakers unanimously granted
the prayers of the motion, including to
“urge the Inspector-General of Police
to investigate and prosecute cases of
sexual abuse, violation and violence in
line with the provisions of the extant
laws of the federation.
They also mandated the Senate
Committees on Health; Women Affairs;
and Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal
Matters “to engage relevant stakeholders
with a view to resolving these issues.”
The lawmakers also “urge all heads of
courts to revisit the sentencing policy
on all sexual offences and domestic
violence to address the seriousness it
Seconding the motion, Senator Ben
Murray-Bruce said many rape cases
were usually not reported.
“A few years ago, we heard of a report
from Lagos State which basically said
rape was the number one crime in Lagos;
not armed robbery or assassination.
Boko Haram is occupying too much
space in the media, yet it is not the
number one crime. The number one
crime in Nigeria today is rape,” he said.
While describing sexual violence as
“a very serious issue,” the lawmaker
warned that “there will be a time when
our mothers and sisters – 70 per cent of
Nigerian women – will be rape victims.”
He added, “The laws may be there but
they are not being enforced.”
Senator Ali Wakili explained that the
rampant cases of sexual crimes indicated
the level of moral degeneration in the
Wakili stated, “There are extant laws,
not that there are no extant laws. But
it is we, the people, who are supposed
to ensure that these laws work. If all
our clerics from the divides have
always been talking about fine cars,
prosperity and good jobs without
talking about righteousness, I think
we are doomed.”
In her submission, the Deputy
Minority Whip, Senator Abiodun
Olujimi, said the rising trend of rape
had shown that Nigerians were losing
their human feelings.
Olujimi added, “More than anything
else, there is a mental situation attached
to anyone that rapes a woman, a child
or anybody. The issue of paedophiles
now abounds in Nigeria; people who
are raping underage children and it
affects all us because anyone raped
gets disoriented. They lose it all, and
that is not fair.
“Somehow, the people who are
supposed to enforce our laws on
rape are complicit in this matter. If
not, where have they been when all
these are happening in the ‘Centre
of Excellence’, Lagos; Abuja, Kaduna
and Kano. People are being raped on
a daily basis and people are turning
their eyes away from these heinous
Deputy President of the Senate, Ike
Ekweremadu, who presided over the
plenary, called on victims of sexual
violence to report cases to government
Ekweremadu said, “The major
problem in all these has been that
people find it difficult to report
incidents of rape. People die in
silence; they bear the pain in silence. I
think that now society is coming up to
ensure that we know what happens to
them. As long as people are reporting
incidents of rape to the police, I am
sure that investigations will take

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