Bauchi State was created in 1976 from the then North-Eastern State. Like any other state in the country, the state was created so that development could come closer to the people and for the people within this new frontier to take their destinies in their own hands. Col. Bello Khaliel was appointed as the first Military Governor of the state. Since 1976, Bauchi state has been developing at what many referred to as snail speed, with progressive stagnancy.
As in most states of the Federation, one finds dedicated places for social gathering of people after the day’s job, where they go to relax notwithstanding that most of such event centres harbour criminality and some times nuisances to the people.
Bayan Gari is located in the metropolis, just behind the historic Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium, surrounded by hotels, cinema, shops and places of worship and is being patronized by customers, mostly women and men of easy virtues.
Bayan Gari is a social place that attracts hundreds of people, especially young and elderly people who patronise almost all the night life activities going on in the area especially in the 80s and making the place booming as even traders benefit from such visitors.
Among the activities being patronized by such people include playing of cards, commercial sex activities, watching of cinema, beer parlours, gambling as well as accommodation for visitors. The place is not only being patronized by youths but civil servants, business men and sometimes retired top civil servants.
Some civil servants have even made Bayan Gari to be their second place of work as immediately after closing hours they moved straight to the place to participate in one of the events mentioned above as part of relaxation efforts, particularly paying attention to playing cards which attracts sometimes even top government officers.
Following the introduction of Shari’ah legal system in the state in 2002 such activities were banned which paralyzed such joints where people used to meet for their social activities. Shari’ah law bars all negative activities such as prostitution, operating beer parlours, gambling etc in the state.
With the banning of such illegal businesses, the administration of Governor Ahmad Adamu Mu’azu then provided millions of naira through the Ministry of Commerce and Industries to residents of Bayan Gari area to serve as soft loans to them to change for better businesses
The introduction of Shari’ah law in the state has greatly affected the operation of social activities at Bayan Gari as most of the people living in that area deserted the place in fear of arrest and conviction. But despite the introduction of the Shari’ah law in the state some social activities are still going on in skeletal services at Bayan Gari.
What scares many occupants of Bayan Gari area most was the explosion that occurred in 2012 when two people were confirmed dead while several others were injured when an explosion rocked the Bayan-Gari area of Bauchi metropolis. The incident, which occurred around 6.40pm when people in the state were about to break their Ramadan fast, has unleashed panic on the residents of the area who scampered for safety.
According to an eye witness, the suspected bomber, a man, had pushed a wheel barrow and disguised himself as a hawker, then abandoned the wheel barrow carrying the dangerous device, a bomb, which eventually exploded and killed two people while others sustained various degrees of injuries.
Following the introduction of Shari’ah law in Bauchi state, people that used to patronize Bayan Gari for their social activities were forced to relocate to other places like the Army Barracks which is not covered by the Shari’ah law while others relocated to other states. Yet, others remained to doing business, albeit secretly, to avoid the wrath of the law.
A client of Bayan Gari who pleaded anonymity said, up to this moment, they still patronize such places as a way of relaxing as they have their clients that are always ready to host them day and night.
“Yes, Bayan Gari is still functioning despite the introduction of Shari’ah law in the state as we visit our clients as part of the social gathering, although the place is no more booming as expected due to the introduction of Shari’ah law that banned many activities but life must continue.”

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