STAFF of the Nigeria Investment
Promotion Commission, NIPC
yesterday locked the headquarters’
gates in Abuja and demanded the
immediate sack of their Executive
Secretary, Mrs. Saratu Umar in
a peaceful protest over alleged
corruption, high-handedness and
indifference to staff welfare.
The aggrieved workers, under the
aegis of the Association of Senior Civil
Servants of Nigeria, ASCSN carried
placards bearing various inscriptions,
prevented the management and other
staff from entering the premises from 5am.
Some of the inscriptions read, “Open
abuse of staff of all cadres”, “Incurring
unnecessary expenditure on IGR”,
“Executive insolence without bounds”,
“Harassing staff with threats of dismissal”,
“Indiscriminate and unguided transfer”,
“Saratu, go back to your AGM post in
NEXIM”, “Indiscriminate queries to all
cadres of staff”, etc.
Speaking with newsmen on the protest,
chairman of the Association of ASCSN in
the Commission, Comrade Ahmad Isah
Ghondi complained of unpaid allowances
and harassment of staff with queries and
transfers without explanations.
Ghondi noted that several efforts by
the association to resolve the matter
amicably with the management
under the Executive Secretary proved
The union leader further accused
NIPC management of spending a
whooping N35million to furnish the
Umar’s office and another N7.4 million
as consultancy for media interaction
with stakeholders in Lagos while staff
welfare was left to suffer.
“Any new Chief Executive with
this kind of attitude, if you find out
has never filled the Code of Conduct
Bureau form, because I have worked in
the Bureau before. We want her to go, there is no two ways to it.
“All our efforts to meet with
the Executive Secretary to
resolve these issues amicably
always met with brick wall. The
management has issued over
150 queries to staff, while about
600 files are lying on her table
unattended to since November
“Nothing is working again in
the commission. The board that
supposed to meet eight times in a
year hardly meets again and we
even heard the board chairman
has resigned in annoyance. The
woman (Executive Secretary)
always use fowl language on
the Directors”, he alleged.
Acting Director of Human
Resources, Mr. Mutawali
Kukawa, however, denied any
knowledge of the staff welfare
not being given priority by the
management, saying every
organisation and union are
being guided by rules and
Kukawa said, “This is not
a way to go about finding
solutions to any grievance.
The management is not even
aware of about the staff’s
grievances in the first place,
but we just came this morning
and met the gates locked.
Unions are expected to behave
this way”.
He explained that some
of the staff members given
queries by the management
are those found to be
perpetual late comers and
truants, pointing out that no
management would condone
any act of indiscipline by its
Meanwhile, the aggrieved
workers led by the Secretary
of ASCSN in the FCT,
Comrade Ojemheke Isaac and
the Executive Secretary with
some management staff went
into a meeting for amicable
solutions to the problems after
the latter’s intervention.

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