Acting Post Master General of the Nigerian Postal Services, NIPOST, Mr. Enoch Ade Ogun,has said plans are at the point of conclusion to launch a financial inclusion project for Nigerians especially rural dwellers to save and receive money at its 4,000 post outlet across the federation.
Ogun, who stated this in an interview with Nigerian Pilot in Abuja, noted that Bangladesh based company, the Infrastructure Investment Facilitation Company IIFC, for the provision of adversary services would summit its report by June this year to fastback the modalities for the take off of the project in the country.
He said this aimed at ensuring that the post key into the federal government effort to diversifying the economy and meet up with global best practices around the globe.
He observed that the rapidly changing nature of traditional mail business, the advent of digital economy as well as the navigation of consumers among multiple channels to communicate are key factors that are changing the way postal business is conducted, hence the need for innovation for business survival.
Ogun noted that postal network’s financial, electronic and physical dimensions can contribute significantly to socio-economic development, job creation and poverty reduction as contained in the postal reform programmes.
According to him, “already, the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN, and other stakeholders are working on NIPOST financial inclusion project and a Financial Adviser from the country that have worked have been appointed to guide the selection of a suitable partner”.
He “ we have a department that is called Post Card, where monies are sent to individuals through another post within and outside the country and the recipient can go with a means of identification to any of the post outlet to claim the money”.
“We are currently working are in partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN, and other commercial banks in Nigeria to so that all the four thousand 4,000 outlets of the post spread across the federation would used as an avenue of saving money and receiving same when they need it”.
In his words, “this will best utilised especially those in the rural areas where people involve in daily contributions such money can be save at the POST interest generation”.
The acting post master said, “We are working on ensuring zero tolerance to corruption in line with the federal government fight against corruption with a view to increase our revenue generation in the country”.
Ogun noted that the project would to provide financial inclusion to the citizenry and also absorb a greater number of youths in its workforce as jobs would be created through the project.
Speaking on the strategies it has put in place to ensure that it remain relivant in the advent of technology, he said issue of improving the quality of service has been on the top priority of the present NIPOST management, stressing that it is now a priority of the agency to ensure 24 hours delivery of intra-city mail, 48hrs for inter-state mail and 72 hours for nationwide
The Post Master General said it has resolve to create a internal mechanism that would tackle fraud towards ensuring that zero tolerance to corruption is maintained in the agency in line with the president determination, we have declared zero tolerant .
He said, “Just like several organizations, we are also tilting our mode of operation to suit, Information Technology, IT, thereby making service/product delivery more robust and efficient for customer satisfaction.
Ogun said the assumption by a few that emerging technologies would replace physical mail business would never be business mails had increased by 50% in the country.
He maintained a positive posture that, Information and Communication Technology ICT was never a threat to the operations of the agency; rather, they are using ICT as a tool to further improve on its service delivery.
Ogun noted that it have of quality of service will be a top priority of the present NIPOST management with the realization that for them to remain in the market and earn the thrust of the customers, they must satisfy customers’ need and even exceed their expectations.
The NIPOST boss also disclosed that the agency had embarked on not just computerization of POSTAL operations; the project had provided the POST with a highly technological basic infrastructure that is a vital tool for increasing productivity and the quality of service provided.
In collaboration with Galaxy Backbone, he said VSAT were deployed to 320 POST offices with internet connections, which led to replacement of the SVAT facilities with fibre link in major offices to enhance the speed of data-transfer for provision of services.

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