A Non-Governmental Organization, NGO, New Initiative for Social
Development, NISD, in collaboration with The Department for
International Development, DFID, has called on state governors who
are yet to domesticate the Act prohibiting violence against persons,
particularly women to as a matter of urgency to do so in order to
protect the rights of women and vulnerable in the society.
The NGO at a workshop organized for newsmen across the South West
encouraged media practitioners to promote the advocacy and ensure
that Violence Against Person, Prohibition, Act 2015 are reduce to
the barest minimum within the masses.
Participants at this workshop were drawn from media organizations,
print and electronic, from Lagos, Osun, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo and Ekiti,
while the resource person and the head of DFID Lagos office , Mr.
David Ukagwu, accompanied by his assistant, Mrs. Margret Faboyo.
The Coordinator, NISD who was the first Speaker at the programme, Mr
Abiodun Oyeleye had advocated for mass production of copies of VAPP
Act, regretted the 31.1% in southwest statistic evidence of Violence
Against Women in 2014, saying, “If there is violence women and
children suffer most.”
Also the DFID used the workshop to assure its readiness to give
technical policy direction and track impacts of whatever project that
will improve the livelihood of the people especially women.
In a communique issued at the end of the 2 day programme held at The
Jewels Apartments and Suite in Ado-Ekiti over the weekend,
participsnts observed that the level of importance of the media in the
society as well as their role in shaping public perceptions about
issues and policies of Government was considered a priority.
The participants further identified ignorance, stigmatization, lack of
family courts, religious concerns and incompetent/untrained public
officers as some of the challenges confronting the promotion of
violence against persons in Nigeria.
The communique stated that at a time like this when a critical
component of our society (women) faces difficulties assessing their
rights under the Law, the VAPP Act explicitly tells them how and more
importantly how protection of victims or potential victims are
enhanced through the protection order.
“VAPP Act is a tool for protection against infringements of rights of
persons and women in particular which most states in the southwest,
particularly, Ogun, Oyo and Ondo are yet to domesticate or have states
versions of it.
“The statistics of violence against women in southwest is disturbing
and this calls for urgent intervention less we all become victims of
it. Therefore sustained Commitment from the media to promoting VAPP
Act in their reportage and programming cannot be overemphasized.
“Investigative Journalism though challenging, is the way to go, to
follow, report and inform the public on violence cases and related
issues. Ignorance, Stigmatization, lack of family courts, religious
concerns and incompetent/untrained public officers are among the many
challenges confronting the promotion of violence against persons in
The participants submitted that Synergy with the judiciary, police,
civil societies and the media will certainly promote the VAPP Act.

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