NIGERIA Labour Congress, NLC, has called on all state governors in Nigeria to emulate President Muhammadu Buhari by cutting down wasteful spending to save money to pay their workers. The NLC accused the governors of extravagant spending, greed, living in opulence, ostentatious lifestyles and embarking on white elephant projects and appointment of too many aides which have left their states impoverished. NLC Deputy President, Peters Adeyemi, made the call in Ado Ekiti on Thursday shortly after he led a delegation from the National Secretariat to hold talks with labour unions in Ekiti State on the arrears of salaries owed workers and pensions and gratuities owed
retirees. He described the visit of the NLC chiefs to Ekiti as a “fact-finding” one saying, the delegation had discovered that the state government had paid workers’ salaries up to April, pensioners had been paid up to March while gratuities were last paid in 2012. Adeyemi said President Buhari has shown the way to reduce high cost of governance by offering to sell some aircraft in the Presidential Air Fleet charging the governors to also follow suit by taking steps to reduce cost of governance in their respective states. He promised that the NLC would soon convoke a National Executive Council, NEC, meeting to take a drastic decision against state governments still owing workers and pensioners arrears of
legitimate benefits, a situation he described as “unacceptable.” Adeyemi regretted a situation where about 27 states in Nigeria owe their workers arrears of salaries, warning the governments concerned to do something urgent about the situation and pay them without further delay. The labour leader said: “Buhari has started it with the plan to sell off some presidential jets; we have seen some world leaders travelling on commercial airlines and this is a lesson to our leaders to live within the available resources. “Our leaders are too wasteful, our leaders are too ostentatious and they are very greedy and they don’t even care that the nation is going through a period of economic recession. I don’t know why our leaders cannot fly commercial planes rather than cruising on presidential jets.
I also want to ask why do our political leaders need large retinue of political aides and political almajiris and political hangers-on? They need to cut down on these overbloated aides and make use of professionals in the ministries like permanent secretaries and directors to save costs.” Adeyemi noted that the larger society is suffering from the failure of governor to pay workers which he said has affected landlords, traders in the market, transporters and other artisans who are recording low sales over the salary crisis. “Until we address all the waste in the system, all these problems will persist and Labour will continue to hold the leaders accountable and pay their workers their salaries,” Adeyemi concluded

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  • vic

    NLC, yes, Governors are greedy but what are you doing about it as a union or just a toothless barking dog on the side lines.???? What have NLC and TUC done so far regarding 5 yearly increase in salaries and wages of workers??

    NLC leader leadership is simply pathetic letting down the Nigerian work force.