Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has recommended capital punishment for any government official convicted of corruption, believing that it would discourage public office holders from siphoning public funds.
The umbrella body of industrial unions in Nigeria threw its support behind the effort of the federal government to get to the root of $2.1 billion arms deals by the former National Security Adviser, NSA, Col. Sambo Dasuki.
Speaking at a press conference in Abuja yesterday, NLC president, Comrade Ayuba Wabba said that the ongoing messy revelations on the $2.1 billion arms deal had vindicated the unqualified support for the labour on the fight against corruption.
“We believe that prescription of more stringent punishment for corruption cases will discourage government officials from corrupt practices. There is no need telling that massive corruption in the system is responsible for our lack of development and our present economic woes.
“Rising cases of alienation, civil disobedience, crime and insurgency are directly traceable to wanton cases of corruption in high places, which did not only create avoidable diseases, ignorance and poverty, but have totally incapacitated our people.
“We cannot continue like this, except we want to continue to be the laughing stock of other nations and except we want to create a state of anarchy,” he said.
The labour movement urged Nigerians to champion the support for good governance and fight against corruption, entrench the culture of accountability, ensuring that public officers are accountable in and out of office.
Wabba requested that the fight against corruption be a holistic one and not targeted at some people who were perceived to be criticising the activities of the government.
“NLC will definitely not allow any attempt to politicise the anti-corruption efforts. While we urge the anti-corruption agencies to follow due process, we demand that those who cry foul play and call for equity must come with clean hands.
“Nigeria should avoid the pitfalls of the past anti-corruption war in which under technicalities of the laws, high profile public officers escaped the much needed justice for their sordid behaviours in looting the public treasury. The issue is that financial crimes by nature are selectively perpetrated by selected criminals,” he said.

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