NLC, TUC Niger end strike

Human right activist, Comrade Laoye Sanda has said that the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, and the Trade Union Congress, TUC, will support General Muhammadu Buhari’s administration if it can retrieve Nigeria’s economy from the custody of foreign capitalist.
Sanda, who made the declaration at a day symposium organised by Amilcar Cabral Ideological School ACIS, Oyo State chapter, stated that about eighty percent of Nigeria economy is in the custody of foreign capitalist.
The foremost human activist spoke on the topic “2015 General Elections: Any Hope for the poor Masses?” held at the NLC state secretariat in Ibadan.
He further declared that “the major problem in Nigeria is that of our economy of which the foreign businessmen (capitalists) are controlling about 80 percent while the remaining 20 percent are controlled by the Dangote’s and others”.
Sanda noted that corruption is not only the problem of Nigeria but cheating in all sectors of country especially the workers by the public office holders.
Also, other groups of human right activist that attended the programme said that Nigerians should hold All Progressive Congress, APC, accountable on the party’s manifestos.
The human right activists who made the declaration yesterday generally agreed that both the PDP and the APC are the same.
Prominent speakers at the symposium included Professor Segun Ajiboye, Comrade Femi Aborisade, Comrade Laoye Sanda, Comrade Bashir Olanrewaju, Comrade Abiola Dabiri Comrade Abbey Trotsky, and Princess Adedapo Oduniyi.
The speakers believed that General Buhari as person is good and credible but surrounded by people with doubtful characters that may not allow his administration to succeed in the long run.
Aborisade declared that APC and Buhari had promised to fight corruption in their manifestoes but did not tell Nigerians how they are going to fight it.
“APC in manifesto did not promise to revoke the sale of PHCN but instead promised to privatise Railway, but run the aviation sector on Public Private Partnership.

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