Dr. Kayode Obembe, President, Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, said the association would eradicate measles by 99 per cent from Nigeria as it had successfully kicked out polio.
Obembe told the NAN on Friday in Ilorin that the Physician Week slated for October would focus on total eradication of the disease from the country.
He lamented that measles usually occur in epidemic proportion and is highly infectious to people, adding that this condition could be preventable with commitment and support from all tiers of government.
Obembe disclosed that the disease was taking a high toll in the lives of Nigerian children, adding that it is among the disease with highest infant mortality rate in the country.
“Measles is next to malaria and those who get the disease have neurological problem, where the nerves are damaged.
“About 60 per cent of coverage in fighting measles had so far been achieved but for this year, we want to achieve 99 per cent.
“We are set in promoting the propaganda, talking to mothers and the government.
“We want to reach out to them and educate them on everything about measles and prevention,” he said.

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