Group Managing Director, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, yesterday disclosed the corporation’s plans to build new refineries.
The GMD disclosed in Kaduna while carrying out inspection tour on the facilities of the Kaduna refinery that the refineries will be built in the same space to use the existing facilities but are to replace the old ones when they phase out.
He said currently three out of the six units are down.
“Obviously, we need new modules because with these modules, it won’t get us very rapidly. Three out of the six units of the plants are down; some of them, for a very long period. We need to sit down and see how we can turn around the refinery.
“In terms of how to get the refinery working, new business modules, new commercial modules and new approach have to be adopted to get us to where we should be, because what is presently obtainable is that most of our refineries are close to 30-40 years old.
“We need to begin to look at building new refineries in the same land space where they can share facilities so that you will have something to lean on when these old ones are beginning to kick out.
“It is as simple as dealing with an old dilapidated car; if you don’t maintain it, it breaks down,” he said.
Kachikwu said the NNPC is working with security agencies to ensure the business of pipeline vandalism is over.
He lamented the situation where the pipelines have become perpetual tool for destruction.
“On security of the pipelines, we are doing quite a lot. On a short term basis, we have been able to deal with that. Medium term basis we are going to work with the security agencies to ensure that the sort of destruction you find on pipelines not just from Warri to Kaduna but the whole country become a thing of the past.
On the swap deal cancellation, Kachukwu said “Sufficiency and issue of efficiency has nothing to do with canceling or non canceling crude swaps.
“Kaduna has a very unique place in my heart, like I said because I grew up in Kano and I used to come here often. It is so key for the survival of the economy of Kaduna state and the rest of the North. We are really focused on getting these things to work and getting it to expand. Without them we are not going to get out of problems of fuel supply, power supply and all that,” he said.