Niger Delta Militants
Niger Delta Militants

United Niger Delta Energy Development Security Strategy, the region’s coalition of ethnic nationalities and civil society has declared that there is presently no dialogue between the federal government and Niger Delta militants.
A press statement signed by UNDEDSS Secretary General, Mr. Tony Iprinye Uranta yesterday noted with dismay, the insistence by some spokesmen of the Federal Government that “dialogue” is ongoing with the “real militants” of the Niger Delta.
‘’We hope the FGN is not being fooled by 419 scoundrels and impostors, because UNDEDSS can affirm, unequivocally, that, whilst attempts are being robustly made to open negotiation channels, no “dialogue” has truly commenced between the FGN and armed actors like the Niger Delta Avengers.
The statement said the Presidency ‘’is well aware of the conditions that these key players regard as prerequisite to ‘Dialogue’ commencing. They are calling on Mr. President, himself, to directly assure the nation that the National Maritime University remains on course; that he has appointed a Special Adviser on Niger Delta Affairs to drive the 2009 Yar’adua Template, which had five sub-committees headed by the Ministers of Petroleum and Works, amongst others; that safe passage will be guaranteed all delegates to the proposed ‘Niger Delta Peace and Prosperity Talks’, which Mr. President would convene as soon as all parties are agreed; and, that relevant International Diplomats will be present at the said Talks. Simple.’’
Considering how critically important resolving this Niger Delta crisis is to Nigeria’s peace, security and economic stability, UNDEDSS said it is dismayed at the continuing treatment of the current realities as just another opportunity to grandstand and indulge in vain anti-people one-upmanship propaganda stunts!
‘’Mr. President, sir, the ball is squarely in your court. You know what to do. Please, do it now, and, save Nigeria from the ongoing and increasing sorrow, tears and blood that some politicians seem to revel in. Talk to Nigerians, today, yourself, Mr. President. Or, care you not that we implode?’’

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