Governor Bindow Jibrilla
has denied of any link to any
political godfather or group in
the state who will compel him
to work against the interest of
people that voted him into office.
In an interactive session with
newsmen in Yola, the state
capital, Governor Jibrilla said
he was voted into office by the
people and would never work
to satisfy the interest of a few
persons at the expense of the
Insurgency: Borno begins rebuilding of schools, house
Area for inspection of ongoing
renovation and construction of
Central Primary School, General
Hospital, Mosque and the palace
of the District Head.
Shettima said, during the hit of
the Boko Haram deadly activities,
many schools, particularly the
ones owned by Government were
destroyed by insurgents while
quiet a number of public structures
including hospitals and clinics in
volatile areas had to be abandoned
by the fleeing residents, a situation
that government had to deploy
resources for resuscitating these
structures to win the confidence
of the people and enable them
go back to their communities to
continue their normal lives.
Shettima who regretted that,
Borno which was one of the
most peaceful and hospitable
state in Nigeria that also shares
three international border with
Cameroon, Chad and Niger
Republic became uncomfortable
for people due to activities of
Boko Haram madness since
2009, however expressed his
determination and hope that with
effort put in place by President
Muhammadu Buhari and other
neighbouring countries which
have now formed the Multi
National Joint Task Force, MNJTF,
against terrorism, the insurgents
will have no where to hide but to
be rooted out as soon as possible.
Speaking Earlier, the
Former Attorney General and
Commissioner for Justice, Barrister
Kaka Shehu, who conducted
the Governor and his entourage
round the ongoing projects, said,
the projects which is under direct
labour cost the State Government
about N30 million which will soon
be completed.
He thanked the governor for his
policies and programmes aimed
at giving hope to the traumatized
people of the state, especially
those living in communities that
were devastated by activities of
Shettima and his entourage also
took time and visited an ultra
modern farm centre, a multimillion
Naira project situated
along the Maiduguri- Dikwa road.
The farm centre is for the
production of improved seedlings
and built to aid multiply yields for
farmers in the state.
The Governor while inspecting
the project said, his administration
has also taken delivery of 845
tractors and 1416 planters, this
brings to about 2000 tractors
stockpiled for the post-insurgency
agricultural programme of the
The Governor said in order to
free the state from the shackles
of poverty, so much has been
expended on agricultural
equipment and in sponsorship
of citizens to India and other
countries for training on usage,
maintenance and re-installation of
imported agricultural equipment.
Shettima who disclosed that
the state is now set for the
post insurgency agricultural
activities with the equipment
on ground, insisted that it was
awaiting the window of peace
in rural communities. He
said on commencement of the
programme, agro processing
factories would be established
to take advantage of high
production of tomatoes, pepper
and other crops in different parts
of the state.
He said: “I don’t have any
godfather; I don’t have anybody
that I will say I must get clearance
from before working for the
people. Nobody can make me
work against the interest of the
people of Adamawa.
“I am here to work and I want
to be focused on what the people
voted me for. They people of
Adamawa saw what I did in the
senate and decided to vote for me
this time as Governor.”
The Governor who rated himself
high in areas of performance said
with 27 rural and urban roads
projects being executed alongside
other projects within his two
months in office, his administration
has gone far while others are trying
to stabilise.
“There is no Governor that did
what I did within two months in
Adamawa,” Bindow said.
Bindow who spoke of his recent
visit to Dubai said he was able to
attract a firm that would built 300-
bed capacity hospital in Yola.
He said the firm which would
invest 32 million Euros in Adamawa
and one other state would operate
the hospital for 20 years before
handing it over to the state.
On federal government bailoutBindow said he was yet to receive
it saying whenever it is available
the public would know.
On his empowerment
scheme, the governor said that
arrangements had been put
in place for the take off of the
programme known as Bindow
Social Change, BSC.
The Governor, who commented
on a letter from Cameroun on the
country’s plan to release excess
water from Lagdo Dam, said his
administration had commenced
public enlightenment with a visit
to some riverine communities
to alert them on the looming
He urged the public particularly
those in flood prone areas along
River Benue and Gongola to take
precautionary measures to avert
what happened in 2012 when
water from the dam led to loss of
many lives and properties worth
billions of naira.

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