SOUTH Africa’s opposition
Democratic Alliance (DA) say
they will win the 2019 national
elections if they get the support
of other parties.
The DA is seeking to topple
the African National Congress
(ANC) in power since 1994.
Analysts however say it is a
tall order despite a number of
scandals that has riddled the
Zuma administration.
In what shocked many, the
DA has control of three of the
largest cities from the ANC in
local elections.
“The ANC is united around
corruption. Zuma is not an
isolation of the ANC – he’s a
collective thereof. Therefore,
the people of this country
must be aware that the project
ultimately is about the removal
of the ANC. And in 2019, there
must be a coalition, DA-led
coalition of governments as
we’ve seen in the cities that
will ultimately be able to say
that the democratic advances
have taken place. Maimane,
Leader of Democratic Alliance
“The starting point is Zuma
but it can’t be the finishing
point. It must always be
restoring South Africa to a
constitutional democracy. So
that any president, regardless
of where they come from
will always know that
they are accountable to the
constitution,” he added.
One of its biggest challenges
the DA faces is the perception
that it is a party for white
minorities, a claim the ANC
uses as a campaign tool.
The ANC won 62 percent of
the vote in the 2014 national
election, a step down from
66 percent in 2009. The DA
increased its share to 22
percent, from 17 percent.
President Jacob Zuma has
come under intense pressure
with the latest being a vote of
no confidence from groups that
seek to remove him from office.
The constitutional court
is currently deciding on a
secret ballot vote against
Zuma proposed by opposition

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