It is laughable when otherwise high-flying and sound politicians suddenly discover that the game is not all about talking and issuing endless press statements. Indeed, fine politicians are never known to be garrulous. They are never known to be cantankerous; neither are they known to be bad losers.
In all their thoughts, words and actions, true politicians like late Obafemi Awolowo, late Nnamdi Azikiwe, late Abubakar Tafawa-Balewa, late Ahmadu Bello, Alex Ekwueme and immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan are fair, considerate and honourable men. Little wonder not a few Nigerians will always recall with every sense of patriotic nostalgia the years when these men bestrode this country and its political affairs.
To the latter, award-winning author of dozens of thrilling unputdownable novels, James Hadley Chase would beautify them with several sweet smelling orchids. The writer underscored this in one of his thrillers, No Orchid for Miss Blandish. When an expectation is built around the selfishness of a person or group, they may well end up losing the expected end and gains. That was what happened to Miss Blandish in Chase’s novel.
I had to drop my earlier material for this back page late yesterday evening to celebrate the naivety of Nigeria’s ruling Party, All Progressives Congress, APC in its ignominious spanking by minority party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. No matter whatever dubious explanations APC gives for the humiliation it suffered in the National Assembly leadership elections yesterday, a loser remains a loser.
Perhaps the party still needs some practical lessons in political realities; perhaps too, the party’s self-imposed leaders notable for their double-speak and questionable disposition already configured how they would harvest the orchid they planted has their plot to install new leaders in the 8th National Assembly sailed through. Alas, the party missed it.

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Boiling cauldron
Developments in the ruling Party that followed the emergence of former Kwara state governor, Bukola Saraki as Senate President and Yakubu Dogara as Speaker of the House of Representatives, point to the poor vision of the party and its current leaders.
For instance, man-Friday of APC’s national leader, Ahmed Bola Tinubu and spokesman of the Party, Lai Mohammed, ought to have known that the days of campaigns and propaganda are gone. Welcome to the reality era where bare-faced lies no longer work.
His statement after Saraki and Dogara emerged evidentially point to his cluelessness in matters inside the hallowed Chambers of the National Assembly.
In rejecting the election of Saraki and Dogara, Mohammed said APC stands by the outcome of its mock election held last weekend.
Hear him: ‘’Senator Bukola and Hon. Dogara are not the candidates of the APC and a majority of its National Assembly members-elect for the positions of Senate President and House Speaker. The party duly met and conducted a straw poll and clear candidates emerged for the posts of Senate President, Deputy Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives, supported by a majority of all Senators-elect and members-elect of the House of Representatives. All National Assembly members-elect who emerged on the platform of the party are bound by that decision.
‘’The party is supreme and its interest is superior to that of its individual members,’’ the party said.
‘’Consequently, the APC leadership is meeting in a bid to re-establish discipline in the party and to mete out the necessary sanctions to all those involved in what is nothing but a monumental act of indiscipline and betrayal to subject the party to ridicule and create obstacles for the new administration .”
‘’There can be no higher level of treachery, disloyalty and insincerity within any party.’’
This is laughable because like a baby whose only kobo coin dropped from his tiny fingers into the stream at the back of the village, Moahmmed’s statement is as ridiculous as his politics. His statement referred to above no doubt exposed him as very ignorant of the Buhari dispensation that his party courted and foisted on the nation. The president’s reaction later yesterday signposted it all.

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President ‘ll work with Saraki, Dogara
Buhari did not hesitate to shock his party the likes of Mohammed when in a very terse statement last night he declared he was ready to work with the new leadership of the federal legislature. A statement signed by Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina yesterday said the President not only noted the development in the National Assembly, but that Buhari would work with the new leadership to move the country forward. Hahahahahaha!
Yeah; he told the Tinubus and Mohammeds of APC before that he belongs to no one. Abi?
The presidential spokesman rubbed it in well thus: “The President would rather that the process of electing the leaders as initiated and concluded by the All Progressives Congress (APC) had been followed. Nonetheless the President took the view that a constitutional process has somewhat occurred. President Buhari had said in an earlier statement that he did not have any preferred candidate for the Senate and the House of Representatives, and that he was willing to work with whoever the lawmakers elected,” Adesina said. “That sentiment still stands,” Adesina added.
Need any person further drum it into the ears of the Mohammed and Tinubus of APC that the game is over as there does not appear to be any orchid for them to harvest in the new National Assembly as was constituted yesterday.

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Whither Odigie-Oyegun?
The former failed governor of Edo state and national chairman of the APC, John Ogidie-Oyegun should have his tail tucked between his legs and return to his ward in Edo state to resign from the Party and his office. The reason is simple: he bungled his very first assignment for the party; an important one at that.
Since he is not new to failure, Odigie-Oyegun, may not realise the import of the development in the federal legislature yesterday. Even though Lai Mohammed would accuse lawmakers from his party as undisciplined, irresponsible lot, he must not lost sight of the fact that a political party begets the kind of followership it deserves. In the case of APC as presently constituted, Buhari can easily sideline its leadership and nothing will happen. It also goes that the followership would rather tagged on the side of Buhari than stand on some uncertain sands of time.