Immediate past Senate President, Sen. David Mark, has said that the Idoma people are too civilised to allow outsiders dictate their choice of political leaders for them.
Mark, who spoke at the Och’Idoma palace at Otukpo, Benue State yesterday after a tumultuous reception by the Idoma people, also said the Idomas are too advanced for anybody to think he can control the them the way he wants.
“It is left for us to pick our leader not outsiders, no matter who the person is. Any outsider who thinks he can do that is deceiving himself,” he said in apparent reference of the APC-led federal government’s quest to takeover all seats previously occupied by the PDP bigwigs across the states.
The former Senate President also said he has kept the judgment of the Court of Appeal, which voided his election and ordered for a rerun behind him, whether it was in good or bad taste because he can longer go further to challenge its decision because it is the last arbiter.
He said he had always visited the royal father for his blessings in previous elections, stressing, “That is why I’ve come to talk to all party men and Agaba-Idu, the Och’Idoma. I had to appeal to security men to free me to enable me reach this palace late,” Mark said.
Responding, the Och’Idoma, Agaba-Idu Elias Ekoyi Obekpa said he is apolitical and cannot stop anybody from contesting election into a political office but appealed to the people to vote for the person that they know is capable of representing them.
“I will not tell anybody not to contest but the people know who is capable of fighting for their interest. Since they know those that are contesting, they know who is strong and capable of fighting for their welfare,” the Och’Idoma said.

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