Actress, Tonia Nwosu, has maintained that she has never been sexually harassed. According to the Anambra State-born thespian, no producer has ever demanded sex from her before giving her a role.

“Producers can’t ask me for sex or give me some conditions just to be in their movies. No! Never! I didn’t experience such while I was starting, even till now, I have still not experienced it. This is because I am not desperate and I am good with my craft,” she told Inside Nollywood.

Hinting on her plans for 2018, Nwosu said she is at the verge of attaining a greater height. “I want to take my career to another level. In fact, I’m planning to shoot more movies of my own. I will start soon. Once I finish one third of the jobs I have now, I’ll kick off my own productions.’’

On the controversial issue of sex dolls, the pretty actress had this to say: “I don’t have problems with sex dolls as long they are not raping people. It’s a personal sex life. When ladies buy and use vibrators do men complain? If it’s going to stop rape cases in the world, then I’m good with it.”