National Orientation Agency, NOA, in collaboration with Zeitgeist Aesthetics Ltd yesterday said that arrangements were at final stages to acquaint Nigerians on the national symbols.
Director General of NOA, Mr. Mike Omeri said this at a press conference to launch the programme Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and any other languages, HIYA, which is one of the initiatives the agency intends to use to sensitise Nigerians.
He noted that HIYA would involve different resources to discuss the importance of the various national symbols in details in the different indigenous Nigerian languages.
Mr. Omeri explained that HIYA is a timely intervention as many Nigerians both young and old do not know and understand what the different national symbols stands for. He added that the lack of knowledge is what has caused the wrong use of these symbols.
Speaking on behalf of HIYA Nigeria, director of media, Mr. Yomi Davies said that HIYA Nigeria was a sensitisation programme that would be on ratio, television and other media in different Nigerian languages to make Nigerians reconnect to their history, and for younger generations to learn about their roots.
Mr. Yomi said that the programme was structured to comprehensively analyse each line of the national anthem and pledge with the help of the professionals to educate Nigerians.
He further added that they would work with schools at all levels and community media to send the message to the grassroots.
HIYA Nigeria will start its first official broadcast in the three major languages between July and September 2015.

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